Get a time and effort estimate and hand off your next software challenge to the team with a proven track record. You define your product concept. We deliver it.

We Deliver


Get a time and effort estimate for your requirements and let us assemble an AgileSquad, managed by an experienced SquadLead, to develop products from scratch according to your time and budget.

This solution works best for:

Creating a Custom Software Product From Scratch

You need new products but have no one available to build them? Our developers look forward to helping you.

Avoiding Project-Management Risk

Wonder how to best build a new product? We will deliver your project within specific requirements, time, and budget.

Getting More For Less

Svitla's core engineering process brings value to you by applying innovation to speed up development and/or integration of your project.

Hand-Over Approach

Just hand over your requirements to our ready-to-go AgileSquad, then check in with them periodically for updates.

Our Process

Our development process is the core part of a project life-cycle. We have developed it based on industry best practices, thus enabling our teams to deliver projects of exceptional quality.

Svitla's Standard Development Process

Stage 00
Initial Discussion

The first step is to understand your requirement and user stories. The analysis will cover the software development aspects of your business needs.

Stage 01
Project Evaluation

We discuss and agree on all elements. This enables our SquadLead to understand the project scope and approach and estimate the number of hours for the project.

Stage 02
Start of Development

Upon your approval, our team begins the project and, if required, pushes code for incremental reviews during development.

Stage 03
Project Delivery

SquadLead is responsible for: delivering frequent updates on the project status, introducing and phasing out resources as the project progresses, ensuring communication about any error or revisions and basic quality assurance.

Stage 04
Code Review

When initial development is complete, code is pushed to you for review prior to final deployment.

Stage 05

Upon deployment to production servers, should any critical errors appear, the SquadLead is available to immediately address concerns.

Stage 06

The project lifecycle clearly does not end once your software has been developed and launched. It needs to be continuously tested and incrementally improved as your needs and requirements change.

Ready to start

weeks, we can assemble an AgileSquad with substantial experience in your technology and industry.
clients throughout North America, Mexico, Europe, and the Middle East.
AgileSquads deployed

What you get

The Best Talent

You get a ready-to-go AgileSquad of talented developers and an experienced SquadLeader with client domain expertise.

Responsible SquadLeader

The SquadLeader is an experienced person who goes beyond Project Management, by knowing how to design the solution, planout the work, and kickstart the development process, always focusing on the success of your project.

Our Expertise

We use Agile methodology to ensure that the project progresses smoothly and is implemented on time.

More for Less

We guarantee a price, year to year, to protect you from running over budget. We can help you ensure the best use of technology to advance your business.

Case studies

Genetic Analysis Software
Value to the client

Since 2013, Svitla Systems is a trusted partner developing and improving multiple products.

  • Web, QA, Front-end, Back-end
  • Angular, MongoDB, MySQL, ASP .NET
  • Social Project, Data Management
Neuroscience technology and software
Value to the client

The client received a reliable application and software to run flawlessly on any operating system.

  • Embedded
  • Python, Node.js, React, C++, Selenium, MQTT
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences


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