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From looking at how to leverage technology, reduce costs or get better data insights Svitla provides experienced resources to analyze, design and implement accepted solutions.

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Consulting services

Svitla’s consultants stand ready to assist your company with developing a technology strategy that aligns with technical and business resources. Svitla works with companies to identify how to leverage digital transformation and cloud adoption to increase revenues, reduce costs and increase productivity. Svitla’s experienced consultants' professional services offerings include assessments, package evaluations, strategic planning, consulting, digital transformation and outcome-based engagements to help clients drive transformation and optimization of business processes. Our consultants have broad experience and expertise in numerous business domains, technologies, and industries and can provide valuable insight to clients looking for a competitive edge in creating speed to value for current needs and ongoing.

Why engage Svitla

When you need specialized expertise

Your business needs to make strides in becoming optimized, creating new products, moving faster in a digital world, building an infrastructure for the new digital economy and optimizing current processes, then we are ready to help.

Temporary help during a one-time project

You want to jump-start a new technical initiative and accelerate the effort for a shorter time to value. We can provide the experience in project and product management to achieve your company’s objectives.

If you want to gain external, objective advice and recommendations

Svitla has a number of assessments for technology, security, business processes, package evaluations, process improvement, and automation that can quickly be leveraged by your company to make financial and operational differences.

When you want a trusted partner for your business needs

Partnering with Svitla can provide you with the resources you need to expand and optimize your operations.

Our process

Our consulting engagements are based on a standard, phased approach and tailored to your specific needs.

Svitla's Standard Consulting Process

Stage 00
Identifying client's needs and objectives

Even before the 'real work' begins, the first step is to fully understand the situation and the desired business outcomes. Our consultants bring a number of quick assessment approaches from their experience and utilize the assessment phase to qualify the business problem and potential solutions for the client.

Stage 01
Gather information

Our consultants facilitate meetings, presentations, and interviews to elicit as much detail as possible about the client and the issue. In addition, details about the client's current capabilities and culture are important inputs to ensure the applicability of our recommendations.

Stage 02
Review and refine

The collected information will be discussed with client stakeholders and matched with any provided documentation, analyzed for completeness, and validated against the input expected to address the engagement goals. Any gaps will drive additional information gathering to ensure all details are understood before continuing.

Stage 03
Action plan development

A comprehensive strategy or detailed action plan will be developed, as appropriate, to define a path for achieving the desired business outcomes. The plan includes impacts and benefits.

Stage 04

Once the client has reviewed the strategy or action plan, additional discussions will revolve around defining appropriate metrics and milestones so that future performance can be measured and managed.

Stage 05

The complete result of the engagement - action plan or strategy, metrics, and milestones - will be provided and presented to the client.

Stage 06

Svitla will be available to review progress and revisit the strategy and plan for the future as the client progresses and as conditions change. Svitla will also share additional opportunities that can be exploited to execute the action plan or implement the strategy.

Ready to start

we can offer our clients consultants with substantial experience in their technology and industry.
clients throughout North America, Mexico, Europe, and the Middle East.
Consulting Projects

What you get

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The Best Consultants

Our consultants have broad experience and expertise in numerous business domains and use of technology to improve business operations, optimize processes, increase automation and engage in increasing digital transformation processes.
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Our Broad Expertise

Svitla's consultants will leverage the company's nineteen years of experience delivering hundreds of projects to find the best approach to your business needs.
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Achieving business outcomes

Our focus on the fundamental business outcomes helps ensure the appropriate and efficient use of people, processes and technologies to meet your needs.
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Continuity of care

The knowledge our consultants gain during engagement can be transferred to our engineers to accelerate subsequent software development efforts. Likewise, the consultant can review future projects to ensure they are on track to achieve the originally desired outcome.

Case studies

Hospitality solutions
Value to the client

Prompt settlement of dedicated development teams to work on separate approaches.

  • Back-end, Front-end, DevOps, QA
  • ASP .NET, C#, Docker, React, EmberJS, REST
  • Digital Marketing, Travel & Hospitality
Online Marketplace
Value to the client

Svitla team developed and implemented necessary applications that brought service to a new level.

  • Web, Back-end, Cloud, QA
  • React, MySQL, Redis, Ruby, RubyonRails
  • Retail, E-commerce, Digital Marketing


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