Managed Team Extension by Svitla Systems
Managed Team Extension

Expand your development capabilities with a dedicated team that works as an extension of your team on your projects only.

We Deliver

Managed Team Extension

With the Team Extension Model, our developers become an integral part of your team during the entire project. We carefully select each team member based on the requirements and expertise you need. They immerse themselves in your project, maintaining your company culture and working in line with your strategic goals.

This solution works best for:

Developing New Modules or Applications

You get dedicated developers with strong technical skills who can help you accelerate development and/or integration of your product.

Saving Time & Resources

You find it tough to hire and secure excellent, cost-effective IT talent at your location or don't want to spend time on onboarding.

Long-Term Cooperation

Our extended team works on your project only and under the same rules as your own team. You can rely on them 24/7 and expect long-term and fruitful cooperation.

Getting More for Less Budget

We build balanced agile teams who reach your goals in the fastest way with optimal resources. You are guaranteed a price, year to year, which protects you from running over the budget.

Ongoing Bug Fixes & Support

We recommend the best-suited technologies and provide continuous integration of new features in your product.

Quality Assurance Expertise

We lower your risk of releasing an immature software product, thus protecting you against additional costs.

Our process

We've developed a unique recruitment process, based on industry best practices, that enables our recruitment team to find the best experts in the market for your team extension project. This vital part of a project life-cycle ensures a successful result.

Svitla's Standard Recruitment Process

Typical candidate search lasts 2 weeks.

Stage 00
Identification of Client's Needs

  • conducting a call with Svitla technical expert or manager

Stage 01
Defining Job Description

  • assigning our HR specialist to work on your vacancies
  • clarifying and analyzing requirements and estimating budget
  • involving our technical expert if needed

If we have candidates that fit your job description, they are assigned to your project immediately.

Stage 02
SQS (Svitla Quality Search)

  • filling some positions immediately if we have such people on the bench or in active pipeline using our extensive internal database of potential candidates
  • selecting unique recruitment tools and methods on a case by case basis
  • conducting HR interview to make sure candidates match professional and soft skill criteria and fit Svitla culture gathering feedback from previous employers

Stage 03
Internal Technical Interview

  • engaging our Technical Expert to evaluate the candidate's technical skills
  • adjusting our technical test tasks to boost internal screening
  • presenting only the best candidates

Stage 04
Client Interview

  • after a candidate passes Svitla's evaluations and interviews, we create and send to the client his/her resume, which includes a summary of the HR interview and detailed information about the candidate's background
  • arranging his/her interview with the client in 2-3 days using the most convenient tools (Skype, Slack, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, Zoom)
  • providing recommendations and background checks

Stage 05
HR Support

We take care of all onboarding procedures (NDA, workplace arrangement, computer equipment, social benefits, medical insurance, visa and travel arrangements, etc.)

Stage 06

Always ready to resolve any issues should they arise

  • 24/7 support

Project Life-Cycle

The project life-cycle clearly does not end once your software has been developed and launched. We take care of your project by continuously testing and incrementally improving it as your needs and requirements change.

01.Initial Meeting

We start with a detailed discussion of your ideas and needs.


Our team drafts a timeline and approximate project plan.

03.Team Composition

We employ talented architects, developers, engineers, testers, and designers, who are experts in all emerging technologies.


Transparent processes, Agile methodology, daily meetings, regular deliverables, and a dedicated Project Coordinator make the development process smooth and transparent.


On-time and smooth delivery ensures steady operation of your product.


Our experts take care of your product and help it evolve rapidly with continuous development of new features and updates.

What you get

team icon

The Best Team

Our dedicated team of talented developers under the management of an experienced Project Coordinator will extend your own team to increase output while reducing cost.
24/7 support icon

24/7 Support and Assistance

Each project has a Project Coordinator who oversees the entire development process and is always ready to answer your questions.
expertise icon

Our Expertise

We use Agile methodology to ensure that the project progresses efficiently and on time.
more less icon

More for Less

We guarantee a price, year to year, to protect you from running over budget.

Case studies

Biotechnological Company
Value to the client

TDD and CI approaches allowed for reducing the time spent on testing new software releases.

  • QA, Desktop, DevOps
  • C++, C#, Java, WPF, .NET
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
Improved QA processes for a Biotech Company
Genetic Analysis Software
Value to the client

Since 2013, Svitla Systems is a trusted partner developing and improving multiple products.

  • Web, QA, Front-end, Back-end
  • Angular, MongoDB, MySQL, ASP .NET
  • Social Project, Data Management
Value to the client

Svitla Systems' dedicated team expanded service capabilities with new functions and improved marketing metrics visualization.

  • Back-end, Front-end, QA, Mobile
  • JavaScript, PHP, Redis
  • Financial Services
Value to the client

Client received the QA team with domain knowledge, who deeply understands content management.

  • QA, Mobile, Cloud
  • Ruby, Python, HTML5, CSS, Android, iOS, AWS
  • E-commerce & Retail, Digital Marketing
Hospitality solutions
Value to the client

Prompt settlement of dedicated development teams to work on separate approaches.

  • Back-end, Front-end, DevOps, QA
  • ASP .NET, C#, Docker, React, Ember.js, REST
  • Digital Marketing, Hospitality & Travel
IoT Analytics Platform
Value to the client

A platform that analyzes sensor data and provides detailed stats in a readable form, using various types of charts.

  • Embedded
  • Java, Swagger, Elasticsearch, React
  • Media & Entertainment, Sport


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