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Global Citizen


Back-end, Cloud, Mobile


Social Project


Python, React, JavaScript, AWS, iOS, Android

Project type

Web App, Mobile App


Global Citizen is a global movement of 100 million action-driven citizens dedicated to ending extreme poverty by 2030. Through the platform, people learn about the systemic causes of extreme poverty, take action on those issues, and earn rewards for their actions as part of a global community committed to lasting change.

Business needs:

- Develop and implement new features in Python and Django for the existing product version.

- Create new plugins for the CMS system.

- Safeguard data against scams by developing an intelligent anti-scamming subsystem.

- Update existing mobile applications.

- Enhance the portal's maintainability and the end-users' experience.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- A dedicated team of five full-stack developers to deliver quality work across all product components.

- Develop new plugins for Django CMS and additional functionalities.

- Enable rapid deployment of Django environments to any cloud solution using Docker-compose.

- Utilize Travis CI to improve team collaboration and enhance engagement quality.

- Implement AI methodology based on Python libraries to protect the system from scams.

- Automate test-cases with the Hypothesis library.

- Employ React and Single Page Application (SPA) approaches to enhance user interaction with personalized data.

- Sustainable mobile development services, enhancing and refining an existing app with new features and bug fixes, leading to an upgraded Flutter-based version.

- Establish a clear Agile process based on the SCRUM methodology (two-week sprints, daily standups, regular strategy and achievement analysis).

Value delivered

The client obtained a fully self-managed team and a transparent reporting system.
Increased system stability with 95% coverage by unit testing.
Enhanced data protection through the implementation of the anti-scamming subsystem.
The system became more self-explanatory, well-documented, and required minimal effort from newcomers.
Improved user experience with new platform features and enhanced security.
Existing mobile apps were updated to answer current users' demands.

For us, the Svitla team has been consistent, responsible, and willing to accept accountability with diversified distributed vendor teams across the globe. We have worked over a number of years to build out our development and DevOps practice. Our goals have been to get closer to best practices across the SDLC industry, reduce single point-of-failure dependencies and move closer to a workable agile CI/CD chain model. The team is elastic with need, 10 to 20 persons including Lead DevOps and senior developers across backend, frontend and mobile. The team is self-organizing and able to pivot as direction comes their way.

Mark Lehmann
CTO, Global Citizen

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