Video Conferencing Software with Machine Learning Algorithms for Logitech

High-quality video conferencing software with Machine Learning algorithms






Computer and Mobile Devices, Manufacturing


C++, Python, Tensorflow, OpenCV

Project type

Machine Learning


Logitech is a leading global manufacturer of peripheral equipment for personal computers, specializing in video conferencing technology. They are committed to enhancing video quality and offering diverse functionalities for their video cameras. Logitech video conferencing firmware incorporates advanced algorithms and methods for video processing, utilizing ML, neural networks, and computer vision.

Business needs:

- Enhance video processing algorithms and methods for conferencing hardware.

- Conduct R&D for the practical application of ML in computer vision for video conferencing, focusing on video improvement and object detection (human detection, auto-focus, background removal, etc.).

- Port machine learning code to multiple hardware and software platforms, create functional models, and test them on the client's hardware devices.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- Developed a vendor-specific framework for machine learning, adaptable to various hardware platforms.

- Applied the capabilities of machine learning, neural networks, and computer vision algorithms to optimize video conferencing functions.

- Used cross-platform development techniques, programming languages, and libraries for reliable operation across different hardware and operating systems, leveraging the GPU for model training.

Value delivered

Svitla Team's computer vision algorithms have become a core component and a leading competitive advantage for Logitech's entire product line, helping increase sales.
The vendor-specific framework enabled the client to conduct research in ML and neural networks, effectively improving video quality, speaker positioning, tracking, focusing, etc. in video conferencing.
The client swiftly integrated the R&D results in machine learning and computer vision into their video conferencing product line.
The portable software/firmware solutions facilitated the use of cutting-edge algorithms and methods for video stream processing across a wide range of devices, enhancing product quality.

Our partnership with Logitech has started a while back in 2014. Currently, Svitla Systems runs several Dedicated Teams working on various Logitech projects, which is a great example of a high-level integration of Svitla development teams into the client’s teams. We help support, update and create Logitech’s software solutions according to agreed-upon requirements, time, and budget. Our cooperation is based on mutual trust and deep understanding of client’s needs.

Nataliya Anon

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