Performance Testing for US Delivery Platform - Svitla Case Study

Implementing technological upgrades to promote scalability, business expansion, and competitive advantage


Performance Testing for US Delivery Platform


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Project type

Web App


A crowdsourced delivery platform that enables urgent, same-day, and local next-day delivery services across the US. The platform provides a set of tailored applications for business senders, individual senders, and drivers. Boasting a network of 200,000 drivers, they've successfully expanded their reach to over 20,000 zip codes making them the largest same-day delivery provider in the US. Facing accelerated growth and the need to ensure optimal applications performance, they engaged Svitla Systems to address performance bottlenecks and enhance the satisfaction of their ever-expanding user base.

Business needs:

- Enhance the platform's performance to support scalability and business expansion plans.

- Undertake technological upgrades to boost system capabilities and maintain a competitive edge.

- Revamp and optimize existing testing processes to streamline operations and cut costs.

- Expand the skillset of the existing QA team to address the lack of expertise in performance testing.

- Mitigate the shortage of experienced personnel well-versed in complex system maintenance to ensure seamless in-house QA operations.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- Conducted a thorough analysis of the existing web applications for drivers, senders, and warehouse operations in accordance with the project’s SLA.

- Migrated the testing environment from the costly and slow-performing Blazemeter tool to Locust, an open-source solution offering unlimited testing runs and seamless scalability.

- Created new testing scenarios for the warehouse application and for a revamped driver scheduling application.

- Revised and enhanced existing scenarios for drivers' and senders' apps.

- Implemented robust reporting and monitoring solutions for the new testing processes.

- Offered extensive training to the client's QA and Development teams on performance testing strategies, thus enabling the client's onsite team to independently run the tests.

- Provided continuous support and assistance in scaling the test coverage across all applications.

Value delivered

In just four months, the system was aligned to meet the required performance metrics.
Test coverage was extended across all applications.
Substantial cost and time savings were achieved through the implementation of new testing tools.
The onsite team was sufficiently empowered to manage performance testing independently.
Svitla continues to lend its expertise and support for the performance testing approaches.

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