Video Conferencing Desktop App


Desktop, Embedded


Computer and Mobile Devices


C++, Windows, Mac, JavaScript, React, Node.js, AWS

Project type

Desktop App


Logitech is the biggest provider of video-conferencing equipment and superior collaborative functionalities for team meetings of all shapes and sizes. To help IT teams monitor and manage video conferencing devices and meeting rooms our client has recently launched a new cloud-based platform. The application provides the ability to manage hundreds, or even thousands, of meeting rooms, and monitor their capabilities and effectiveness.

Business needs:

- Create and maintain a desktop application for Windows and Mac platforms. 

- Implement communication with the cloud portal.

- Speed up the development process by strengthening the onsite team.

- Support and update legacy code, provide technical documentation for existing solutions.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- Quickly assemble a Dedicated Team of three full-stack developers to speed up development, support, and update legacy code.

- Move to C++ for back-end high performance.

- Abstractions wrote for all UI components to eliminate low-level details.

- Full project refactoring

- Implement extra features on the go (new video devices support,  face recognition, participants calculation, personal data security).

- Assistance in integration to AWS by defining needed resources to meet server requirements. 

- Create technical documentation for existing solutions.

Value delivered

Quick application development for Mac and Windows systems.
AWS storage has vitally improved general productivity and remarkably lowered support costs.
Application productivity is fully tailored to the industry’s fast-paced needs.
Dedicated Team that has supervised the App launch continues to work on improvements and new features.

Our partnership with Logitech has started a while back in 2014. Currently, Svitla Systems runs several Dedicated Teams working on various Logitech projects, which is a great example of a high-level integration of Svitla development teams into the client’s teams. We help support, update and create Logitech’s software solutions according to agreed-upon requirements, time, and budget. Our cooperation is based on mutual trust and deep understanding of client’s needs.

Nataliya Anon