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Inflection, Nachi Sendowski | Testimonial | Svitla Systems

Inflection selected Svitla Systems as its development partner partly because the two companies share similar cultures and the Silicon Valley vibe. For more than 10 years now, Svitla has delivered exceptional value to Inflection, providing a large development team closely integrated into Inflection’s development process.

Nachi Sendowski
CTO & SVP Engineering, Inflection
Trauma Brace Review

Partnering with Svitla Systems to bring our Trauma Brace app to Android users turned out to be a game-changer. Their dedication led to our app downloads skyrocketing, with an amazing 70% of these new users being Ukrainian survivors seeking solace after the Russian invasion. Right from the start, Svitla dove deep into our iOS version, making sure they fully grasped every detail of our product. They then laid out a clear roadmap for developing the Android version, walking us through each step with precision. The journey to perfect the app together through quality assurance was both collaborative and enlightening. I was thoroughly impressed by the quality of their work and the way they communicated. Being particular about every detail myself, it was refreshing to see a team that not only met my high standards but also adhered to timelines impeccably. Svitla Systems had a way of making meetings productive and focused, truly embodying the spirit of an in-house team. Their commitment and alignment with our goals made all the difference, turning our partnership into success.

Meyli Chapin
CEO & Founder, Trauma Brace
InvoiceASAP, Jeremy Watkins | Testimonial | Svitla Systems

InvoiceASAP is a mobile and web invoicing company. Its partnership with Svitla is based on a variety of development efforts, and it is a great example of a high level of integration of Svitla development team into the client’s team. InvoiceASAP use Svitla Team as their primary developers all the time, for both web and mobile solutions. The smooth development process is based on trust, deep understanding of the client’s needs, and daily communication using a variety of tools. With Svitla providing the services, the client can receive many more benefits and efficiencies than one usually expects.

Jeremy Watkins
VP of Engineering at InvoiceASAP

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