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6 Reasons To Start Outsourcing For Your Business Right Now

by Svitla Team

March 22, 2016

When starting a new business or growing an existing one, founders usually try to do most things by themselves instead of asking for help. The most evident reasons for such behavior are fear of delegating the work to someone else and the desire to save money. At first, this strategy might work, but as the business grows, it takes more time, energy, and skills that the founders can provide.

If you are thinking whether to start using outsourcing services as a way to get the needed help, here are crucial points for you to consider.

You feel that your project is not developing quickly enough.

The world changes dynamically and features that you find great today may be already out-of-date in two-three years. That is why you have little time for implementing your fresh ideas to make them successful and profitable. Use the outsourcing team to speed up your project.

You want to reduce operational and labor costs.

Renting office, buying equipment, paying for the Internet, software and licenses, searching for and hiring the right talent may take a lot of time and money. The outsourcing partner, however, can quickly provide you with “turnkey” service saving your budget.

You need a team of experts.

How many specialists that you need live in your area? How many of them are unemployed or ready to change their job? Are there any specialists for your specific needs? Difficult to answer? And now imagine that you have access to the database of the world’s best engineers with international experience and at affordable rates! Isn’t it exciting?!

You fail to release your project on time.

Your situation might be such that you have a team, a list of project tasks and a budget, but the timeline to launch the project is short. Your team fails to complete the project on time, and you have no time to search for new developers. The outsourcing company will provide you with new developers on a short notice to ensure that your project is launched on time.

You are a small start-up with a small budget.

Not everyone starts their business having millions of dollars in the pocket. Many people start with almost nothing except for their zest for success. And using outsourcing in such cases is an evident choice if you want to minimize the expenditures on salaries and business administration.

You have no time to work on higher value-add things.

If the list of your current tasks leaves you no time for analyzing your strategy, practicing creative thinking or communicating with customers, it means that you need to delegate part of your routine tasks to somebody. As a product owner, your mission is high-level supervising and planning for future success. Delegate everything else to the outsourced specialists (developers, QA, project managers, designers, HR managers, tech support) to free yourself for generating ideas and promoting your product on the market.

It is no wonder why outsourcing gained such popularity all over the world. It helps solve many problems both for start-up and big enterprises. It is worth trying outsourcing first-hand to see how outsourcing can help you grow your business in line with your timeline and with less money.

by Svitla Team
March 22, 2016

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