Data Analytics: storytelling for the modern company!


Do you want to do more as a company? Do you ever feel like there is something you’re not seeing? I’ll venture to guess it can be found in the data! Whether that data is internal or external, there are insights to be found. The question is who is going to tell that story?

Hi! I am Lawrence Franzoni, VP of Data Analytics at Svitla Systems.

For over 15 years I have been leading large enterprise transformation initiatives moving from a lack of data clarity to a data-driven position. I’ve worked with data analytics and operations teams across the US, Europe, India and gained deep knowledge of data in multiple industries and organizations of all sizes, from large enterprises to startups.

All this experience enables me to confidently state that the future is in the data!
On November 10th I welcome you to my talk devoted to Data Analytics, where I will explain how data can be transformed in a smooth flow of insights enlightening your company's discrete potential.

Review the video from the webinar to learn the working stories about Data Analytics: 

  • What Data Analytics means in a world awash with noise
  • Volume vs Variety and why it matters to your company
  • Veracity - Data facts vs Fiction - why data governance should be your top priority 
  • Successful roadmap and implementation of Business Intelligence 
  • The Big Giveback
  • Best payoff stories (based on our case studies)

At Svitla Systems we help dozens of enterprises organize their data. Once the data is structured, cleaned, and accessible we help our clients use Business Intelligence software to gain the insights they need to make informed decisions.  

We are ready to share our proven techniques and tools to guide your ambition to accelerate using Data Analytics.


by Lawrence Franzoni
October 20, 2022

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