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Software outsourcing is defined as the employment of a dedicated company that offers software development services. Generally in the software development industry, offshore companies are being employed for planning, development, testing, and production of software products. These services also extend to quality monitoring and user support.

One of the leading outsourcing directions is Java software outsourcing. Being one the most popular programming languages today, Java and its developers are in demand. As a programming language, Java has a lot of advantages over its competitors. It’s universal, fast and modern. But unfortunately Java developers are also known for their high rates. It may cost a fortune to build a complex application.

In order to minimize development expenses software development companies may look in the direction of offshore Java software outsourcing. Many outsourcing companies offer their services that streamline productivity, expertise, quality, and marketability and it may be a challenge to choose the right company to outsource Java programming.

Reasons to choose Svitla Systems as your Java software outsourcing company:

  • Expertise. We are proud of our Java Developers team. They have developed numerous applications and the customer was always satisfied. The area of expertise covers the following: system navigation, software development, automation, administration, maintenance, migration, integration, and security.

  • Technology. Our Java programmers work with numerous technological tools and frameworks including J2SE, J2EE, Java Struts, Spring, JavaBeans (EJB), JDBC, Tomcat,  JBoss,  Web Logic,  JNDI, JAAS, XDoclet, JavaMail, JNI, RMI, JMS, Sync4j, Web Services.

  • Client Needs. Our Java software outsourcing services are focused on client needs and include areas of expertise like the following: e-Commerce, security and encryption, games, billing, and even medicine, pharmaceuticals and accounting.

by Svitla Team

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