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Working with a dedicated and effective offshore Java development service provider can spell the difference between success and failure when it comes to outsourcing. In comparison to hiring a Java freelancer, an offshore dedicated outsourcing provider offers more benefits. Some of the major advantages of this type of outsourcing are linked to effective employee accountability and project control. With the help of a dedicated software outsourcing provider, you can expect to receive the things that you have been missing while using freelancers’ services and these include gaining complete control over your outsourced projects and available resources.

If you decide to hire a dedicated offshore Java development service provider, you may consider our company. We focus on providing our customers with everything they may need in IT outsourcing. Working with us you will enjoy the services of a virtual employee. This means that you will never be provided with a random freelancer but only a dedicated highly professional offshore Java developer which is hand-picked personally for you and can work for you in an exclusive and dedicated manner.

Using offshore Java development services is also proven to be cost-effective. The reason behind this is that you are not obliged to pay a fixed salary; you pay only for the hours developer worked. The rates for the services are also just a small portion of what a US or UK Java developer may ask you. You can also save a substantial amount since you are no longer required to make some investments in infrastructures. Working with us you will not be required to pay office rental and provide your employee with the software and hardware that they may need in Java development.

Svitla Systems will take care of everything you need.

Our Java developers use the Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) in terms of designing and developing applications for mobile industry or environment. This makes a lot of additional benefits including improved security and productivity. Working with Oracle ADF is also extremely useful in getting a kind of data-binding framework which eases the tasks related to binding UI into certain business services using drop and drag operations.

by Svitla Team

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