Svitla Smart Talk (online): IOS. SwiftUI from A to Z


Make your quarantine useful with online meetup on SwiftUI!

Speakers and topics:

Kostiantyn Bilyk - Team Lead, Senior iOS Software Engineer at Svitla Systems

SwiftUI Data Flow
- What is SwiftUI?
- Declarative? So what?
- What has changed in Data Flow?
- Can we work as before?

Here is Combine!
- What is it?
- How to use it?
- Any examples?

Serhii Miskiv - iOS Software Engineer, Assistant Teacher (APPS UCU), Director of Code School (LITS)

SwiftUI: Advanced Layout
- How to use basic components to build complex layout?
- What are tips and tricks for layouting with Stacks?
- How to use full advantage of List, ForEach, ScrollView?
- How to properly pass data back and for with @State, @Binding, @ObservedObject and @Environment?
- What about gestures, pop-ups and pickers?
- How to use UIKit inside SwiftUI and vice versa?

Event Details:

Date - 1 April. 19:00. Duration - 2 hours.
All other details we will send in private after registration.
Registration is free but compulsory.


by Svitla Team
March 17, 2020

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