technologies for job searching

Variety of Technologies for Job Searching


Ask anybody how they search for a job or employees and you’ll get quite a number of websites that help people to easily and quickly find and store needed information. However, searching is not all that technologies can propose for the recruiters and candidates.

Today developers take care of all requirement cycles – from finding a candidate to hiring. What profit can be gained from using modern tools and services for recruitment and job seeking?

People search engines

Consumers, businesses, and professionals use websites based on people search engines for such purposes as candidates search, contact information identifying, reverse phone look-ups, email search, background checks, social networking profiles, criminal records, and more. Some modern sites are real state-of-art services that collect information from career centers, college and university career service centers, career placement organizations, employment and development agencies, training organizations, workforce boards, non-profit and government agencies. As an example, now is one of three leading services on people data search. Its search engine aggregates contact information, public records, and social networking profiles with respect to privacy. It is fast, easy, and safe for people to find and learn about their potential college online.

Background checks

Many companies pay great attention to the pre-employment background screening. They want to verify the truthfulness of the candidate’s resume to eliminate risks of hiring potentially dangerous or badly recommended person. Previously, such verification process could take quite a lot of time and money. But with the special websites this task becomes easy and inexpensive. With the help of such services, you obtain accurate report outlining the information about the candidate you are going to hire to grow your team. For example, such service as will prepare a clear and concise report with the results of research in less than 3 days and notify you via email as each phase of the report is complete.

Data security

Every company that has a Human Resources Department faces the problem of keeping private information about their employees. This information should be reliably protected and accurately stored to get access only to the authorized people. A well-organized and secured database application will be of great use for this purpose. No more lost paper-copies and uncomfortable dusty archives of employees’ cases.

Interviewing innovations

Now that you found candidates for your job position, it’s time to interview them. If your candidate lives abroad or you are planning to hire a freelancer, there is no more need to invite them to your office to talk personally. Technologies and specialized websites allow to conducts the meeting online via Skype and other video screening tools. Moreover, today breakthrough SaaS solutions help job seekers create a personalized video interviews to enhance and improve their career search. A good example of such service is that enables recruiters and employers to replace or supplement their initial candidate phone screen process with video screening. This is so cool!

What technologies will be needed to realize these and other ideas?

Development of above mentioned and many other services can be done with multiple ways and technologies. You can select among ASP.Net, Ruby on Rails, Java/Python for backend and various combinations of HTML/CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, Backbone.js, AJAX for frontend. Integration with popular social media and SaaS services can enhance the searching possibilities and reduce cost. Mobile devices should not be disregarded as well. If your have an idea and wish to realize it, the right technologies will be found to fulfill you project.

by Svitla Team
July 07, 2014

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