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Why You Need Web Development Consultants

The importance of having a web app for the success of your business

In this day and age, there is no room for uncertainty when it comes to the importance and impact that the Internet has on businesses - and web applications are a tremendously powerful marketing vehicle for all organizations.

From small companies to large enterprises, everyone can benefit from having a well-crafted web app that conveys an accurate sense of branding, knowledge about the product or service and the overall company, capabilities for online transactions, and most importantly, that allows the business to have an online presence.

Having an online presence is vital for businesses to thrive. And not just any web app, but a professional site that is well-organized, easy to navigate, informative, credible, and that yields results for customers who are using it. Nowadays, it is a common trend for consumers to search for information online, thus chances are very high that the web solution is the first impression businesses make on potential clients.

In summary and regardless of industry, company size, or line of profession, web apps are important to the success of any business since they help with the following: 

  • Create the first impression of your company for clients who search online for information about your business, or if it applies, to your online store.
  • Generate revenue by attracting clients and prospects with a robust online presence strategy.
  • Promote an online image to clients and prospects that is in line with the branding of the company.
  • Deliver marketing initiatives that boost your lines of communication with the public.
  • Seize upsell opportunities by having a well-designed web solution that keeps your online presence effective and powerful, with professional and engaging content.

In this article, we are going to explore the advantages that can be obtained by partnering with Web Development Consultants. These web development experts take a web project, work on it, and transform it into a fully realized web application that works for your specific needs.

Let’s begin! 

Why do you need web development consulting?

The value and benefits associated with having a web app have long been established. Now, the next step for businesses is to actually create a web application. With many options available and at reasonable prices, it is very common for companies to delegate this important task to an outside provider.

But why exactly do you need web development consulting services? Let us break it down.

Building a web app entails a number of activities, from procuring a web hosting service, choosing a domain name, designing the web application layout, functionalities, and overall navigation path. Even though it is oftentimes an uncomplicated process, it does require a level of involvement and web development technical consultancy to possess the necessary knowledge that is best to secure from an experienced and skilled partner who can cover all aspects of your web development project

For this, we recommend seeking expert advice from a web development consultation partner who can help you identify needs, gather requirements, design and build an outline for the web solution, place the best resources on your project, manage the development process, and deliver the right web app for your company.

An accomplished web development consultancy partner, such as Svitla Systems, takes your business needs and transforms them into a beautifully-designed and fully-functional web app that is the best solution for your project. At Svitla Systems, web development experts take the difficulty and guess-work out of the equation, regardless of complexity and project uniqueness, to design and build a best-in-class web solution that checks off all the requirements you wish to include.

To put it simply, you need web development consulting services to create a custom web app that is unique, reflects your branding accurately, sets the tone for the online presence you strive to have, grows easily with you as your business grows too, and includes all the necessary information and tools that customers and prospects might need to have a successful online experience with your product or service.

The difference between web development consultants and developers

You may wonder what the difference is between hiring a web development consultant and hiring a web developer. In their purest form, they are entirely different roles that handle different aspects of the website development process. And here we’ll tell you why.

For starters, web development consultants offer services as a way to help businesses with various aspects of a web project, from creating the web app’s design, building a development strategy, developing a content strategy, creating a navigational path or site map, and offering SEO consultation, to name a few. 

Web development consultants differ from web developers or programmers who actually perform all the hands-on coding to develop a web app. To put it simply, web developers are solely responsible for writing the necessary code by using programming languages to turn it into a web solution.

A web development consultant and a web developer are two entirely different positions with different goals. A professional services web development consultant takes on a project with a problem-solving attitude to suggest, recommend, and design the best solution for your web app project while a web developer focuses on writing the code that meets the project’s specifications.

In essence, the main difference between the two roles is:

  • Web development consultants focus on web solution strategy, engagement, navigational paths, user experience journey, content strategy, prototyping, user interface design, and more, to help achieve a vision around a client’s specifications.
  • Web developers focus on coding a functioning website that meets requirements.

Next, we’ll take a look at the different consulting web design and development services that are available as part of the offering portfolio of web development consultants, such as Svitla Systems.

Web design and development services

Svitla Systems is a software development company that offers web consulting, web design, and web development consulting. We take our web design and development services seriously and with a passion to deliver clients quality results, such as a website that is as engaging as it is functional. As full-service website development consultants, we include a number of diverse services in our portfolio to meet specific needs and to have a competitive edge over other organizations with similar offerings.

In this section, we detail some of the most prominent web design and development services that are required to develop a robust website. Let’s take a look.

UX research and Consumer Journey Development

User experience, or UX for short, is critical to the entire strategy of a business. UX research applies several investigative techniques and methods to investigate, add context, and build insights around the design process of a website. 

UX research, or design research as some industry insiders refer to it, helps businesses understand their users to pinpoint needs and requirements, discover patterns, and validate assumptions. This background knowledge makes it easier to strategize and develop a custom approach to target and attract clients and prospects.

UX research leads to user interface (UI) design, which helps solidify the consumer journey development process. It helps to have a defined consumer journey to represent the process that a client or prospect follows to reach an outcome with your business. Either as a map or any other form of visual representation, the consumer journey helps give shape to the needs, wants, motivations, and pain points of clients and prospects.


Prototyping refers to the practice of building a draft model or sample of your website to release an early version of it to exemplify how it will be experienced by end users. The prototyping stage of a website helps to examine the development evolution as well as uncover any errors that need to be addressed before a bigger, more important release is deployed. 

A website prototype can be thought of as an interactive demo where consultants and developers alike can collect feedback before going into the final stages of the website project. Prototyping is a vital part of the user experience process because you can align the website’s scope with features and functionalities, testing the layout and structure of the website, as well as performing usability testing until it is refined to the desired state.

At Svitla Systems, web development experts begin prototyping once a website structure is approved by the client and all content is received. An HTML page is generated on the basis of website structure where the client has to approve the overall design of the website, element placement, and functional purpose.

Web Solutions


UI Design

The user interface design process is the set of practices that focus on the look and feel of a website. An engaging, easy to navigate, and aesthetically-pleasing design goes a long way with websites, so it is very important to focus and invest resources and time in this area. UI design entails the visualization, presentation, and interactivity of the website, with the clear goal of making user interactions as simple and efficient as possible.

In a sense, UI design attempts to foresee and anticipate what users might need to click on when using a website. This design concept helps create elements that are easy to access, understandable, and that facilitate the actions that a user might engage with on a website.

At Svitla Systems, the design stage is kickstarted once the client provides branding, limitations, and recommendations in alignment with their corporate identity.

Front-end and Back-end development

Front-end and back-end website development can be challenging concepts. In simple terms, front-end is the client side of programming a website while the back-end is the server side programming of a website. Simple enough, right?

These two important facets of programming center around different areas of the website, making it easier to understand and compartmentalize programming efforts.

The back-end handles all the client requests that are incoming from actions that users take on the website’s front-end. In all senses, UI and UX design bring the front-end to life.

At Svitla Systems, both front end development consultancy and back-end services include correction of elements of coding, display, and settings to meet client requirements.

SEO consulting and support

Search engine optimization (SEO) is taking the marketing world by storm with its dynamic approach to discovering trends and updates on how users interact with websites. SEO helps businesses develop robust strategies around concrete insights and information to gain the most value from this detailed knowledge. 

From keyword research and analysis, audits, marketing strategies, link building, content development, and more, SEO consulting services can boost user traffic to your website.

Support is the practice of keeping a website operational and up-to-date, according to client requirements. At Svitla Systems, we provide ongoing and continuous support, as deemed necessary by the client, to maintain and update a website up to the latest conditions.

What you get from Svitla Systems

First and foremost, what you get from Svitla Systems is perhaps thought of as easy to achieve, but it is incredibly powerful in times where websites pop up like bubbles on a daily basis, and that is quality. With websites, you want to have quality or otherwise, your product or service falls behind or is missed among a sea of other products with better websites. You want to stand out as the best, with a well-designed website that conveys the degree of quality with which you approach every project. Trust us, clients will feel more allured to engage with your company if your website is inviting and with a professional look.

And that’s what we’re here for.

Along with quality, we offer a unique look and feel to your branding and online presence that transmits the effort you put into all aspects of your business. Nowadays, most clients and prospects hit a company’s website before they visit your place of business or engage with you in any other fashion. Thus, it is important that your website is a true reflection of your business, strategy, and values.

With a custom website, you put your company’s unique identity at the fingertips of clients, providing the right storyline behind your business and what drives it towards the future.

Now, you may be wondering: how exactly do we do all that?

Our champion mix is comprised of a carefully constructed plan and strategy approach to every web development consulting services effort that involves:

  • UI/UX design and web development. We undertake the complete practice of designing your website’s user interface and user experience to enable ease of use, practical and inviting navigational paths and site maps, as well as drive user conversion. Our consultants have a hands-on approach to database integrations and APIs to take your projects to the next level by making them scalable and responsive to market trends.
  • Modern technology stack. Our consultants are well versed in the latest and greatest high-end technologies to speed up your website project and deliver a quality result. Some of these technologies include:
    • UI/UX: Zeplin, Azure, Invision, Figma, Photoshop, AfterEffects, etc.
    • Front-end: HTML5, CSS3, JS, SASS, Pug, Vue.js, ReactJS, etc.
    • Back-end: PHP7+, Yii2 Framework, Redis, Memcached, REST, Node.js, etc.
    • Cloud: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Heroku, etc.
    • Server: Ubuntu, CentOS, Apache, Docker, Sockets, etc.
    • Database and storage: MySQL, Redis, MariaDB, Firebase, Amazon AWS, etc.
    • Quality Assurance: Manual and automation (Selenide, Allure, Maven, Jenkins, TeamCity, etc).

Along with these resolute ingredients for a fruitful website development consulting, our mix would be truly ineffective without one of the most important elements: our experienced website development consultants.

Experienced website development consultants

Svitla’s website development consultants are experienced and strategic about your website needs. We attract, nurture, and empower our website development consultants to build and deploy top-notch teams who deliver and build a foundation for strategic relationships with clients.

By growing our teams of consultants, Svitla Systems’ web development experts continue to deliver unparalleled value to clients who seek to rely on a trusted partner which has numerous years of experience under its belt with proven results for successful websites. 

Our teams of website development consultants and web application consultants are continuously tapping into new technologies, always curious and driven to leverage the best tools, techniques, and methodologies to offer our customers the latest and greatest vehicles to develop websites.

Best-in-class website development services

While we are pretty great at coding and technology, we are expert problem solvers with a keen commitment to evaluate the entire scope of your project, suggest the best approach and solutions for it, and consider all the variables that come into play such as competition, technology, and audience, all with the clear end goal of your business success.

With a comprehensive portfolio of website development services, Svitla Systems focuses on providing you with best-in-class design, a full cycle web development, web development consultation, web application consulting and continuous website support.

Why Svitla?

Because you don’t need just a website - you need the best custom website possible. As a web development and consulting company, at Svitla Systems, we think about the long-run success of your website, constantly strategizing to accelerate growth. And we love what we do.

Fill out the form and our sales team will give you the inside scoop about Partner with us to take your website project from an idea to a fully-realized solution.

by Svitla Team

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