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From strategy to implementation, Svitla brings a comprehensive approach to our clients’ Digital Transformation journeys. Empower your organization with optimized processes, automated systems, and innovative practices to create a competitive advantage and accelerate your business growth.

Digital Transformation Services

Benefits of Digital Transformation with Svitla

In close cooperation with your team, our digital transformation experts will help you find and build a solution that will speed up your processes, modernize and simplify your landscape, unburden your team, and eventually reduce costs and grow revenue.

Improved Decision-Making

With digital transformation services, we help businesses utilize the power of decision intelligence and data analytics to optimize and accelerate decision-making and forecast future trends.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Leverage our expertise to improve your customers’ experience. We help you implement interactive digital platforms that engage your customers more effectively.

Business Modernization with Cloud

Transitioning to cloud-based solutions offers scalability and flexibility, ensures resiliency and security, optimizes IT costs, and enables effective use of advanced technologies like AI and machine learning.

Agility and Reduced Costs

By creating more efficient processes with automation, we help you achieve significant cost savings and adopt new strategies more quickly.

Innovation and New Opportunities

Our experts guide you in implementing new approaches and technologies, helping your business create innovative products, services, and new revenue streams.

Competitive Advantage

We help you embrace digital transformation to gain a competitive edge by staying ahead of digital trends and the competition.

Our Digital Transformation Services

01.Analysis & Consulting

Svitla Systems' seasoned consultants apply their industry expertise to perform in-depth business analysis, legacy system and process reviews to devise impactful strategies for your digital shift. Our comprehensive solutions ensure measurable business outcomes throughout the entire transformation process.

02.Strategy Development

After the in-depth analysis, our experts create a digital transformation strategy that seamlessly aligns with your business objectives and offers a clear roadmap. We prioritize your goals, appraise initiatives in terms of cost, time, and manpower, and employ a proven roadmap to accelerate transformation, backed by our domain expertise and dedicated development teams.


We leverage our industry experience and technical knowledge to implement your digital transformation strategy effectively. Our expertise includes IT infrastructure transformation, developing brand new and modernizing legacy software solutions, integrating business systems, setting up advanced data analytics, and creating digital customer experiences. We cover everything from designing digitally-enabled applications to building intelligent businesses with AI.

04.Scaling & Support

Our care for your digital transformation journey doesn't stop at implementation. We ensure continuous monitoring, scale the developed solutions, adapt strategies to changing circumstances, and facilitate the swift adoption of new technologies. Our services encompass re-engineering processes, upgrading outdated systems, real-time troubleshooting, enhancing operational efficiency, and suggesting optimization strategies for sustained growth and innovation.

Types of Transformations We Implement

Business process transformation

Transforming supply chains, finance, operations, IT, HR, marketing, and sales with tailored digital applications.

Business process automation

Applying intelligent AI tools, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), low-code apps, and more to automate routine and inefficient business processes.

Customer experience transformation

Enhancing customer experience with UX/UI design, mobile & web apps, e-commerce solutions, data-driven insights, omnichannel experiences, etc.

Customer service transformation

Improving end-user support experiences and IT operations productivity with managed service desk & support, AIOps, chatbots, and data-driven insights for faster ticket resolution.

Workforce transformation

Creating an agile workforce by automating everyday tasks and workflows, e.g., document management, communications, time off requests, performance reviews, and others.

Data-driven enterprise

Enabling data-empowered business decisions to create new revenue streams and outperform the competition.

Application modernization

Turning outdated systems into future-ready solutions with modern architectures and tech stack based on cloud, microservices, and APIs.

Cloud transformation

Enabling business scalability, cost-efficiency, and resilience by innovating with market-leading cloud solutions.
Transform your business processes with digital technologies to achieve greater business agility and increased efficiency.
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Case Studies

Value to the client

In less than 3 months, Svitla built an MVP of an intelligent platform that combines advanced analytics and AI with user-friendly dashboards, and helps to identify trends in opioid prescriptions.

  • Cloud, Data Analytics, UX/UI, Consulting, Digital Transformation
  • AWS, Python, Tableau, Amazon Redshift, Amazon SageMaker, AWS Lambda, UiPath, Power BI
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
Opioid Prescription Intelligent Analytics System for Avalon.AI
IoT Analytics Platform
Value to the client

A platform that analyzes sensor data and provides detailed stats in a readable form, using various types of charts.

  • Embedded
  • Java, Swagger, Elasticsearch, React
  • Media & Entertainment, Sport
Energy Saving Solution
Value to the client

Complete renovation of the platform, bringing a new level of comfort and satisfaction to final users. 

  • QA, Back-end, UX/UI, Front-end, Cloud, DevOps
  • PHP, Angular, ASP .NET, Azure
  • Energy, Data Management
Biotechnological Company
Value to the client

TDD and CI approaches allowed for reducing the time spent on testing new software releases.

  • QA, Desktop, DevOps
  • C++, C#, Java, WPF, .NET
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
Improved QA processes for a Biotech Company

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