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Airship specializes in mastering mobile app experiences. Since the inception of mobile apps, it has pioneered commercial messaging and expanded its data-driven approach to encompass re-engagement channels, app UX experimentation, and feature management. Their Experience Platform enables brands to create and modify native app experiences independently, without ongoing developer support or updates. With trillions of mobile app interactions for global brands, Airship leads the way in the digital heart of customer loyalty, experience and monetization.

Business needs:

- Develop an IT system to manage the full lifecycle of mobile app experiences.

- Create customer analytics services with A/B testing capabilities for mobile and web applications.

- Transition data storage from files to a Big Table system.

- Implement partner integration with clients.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- Utilize Java for Android app and Objective-C for iOS as native environments to create libraries for clients' applications.

- Analyze user feedback on push messages and interface design options.

- Develop SDKs for implementing A/B testing on web and mobile platforms.

- Construct an API for client integration, enabling A/B testing and event and metric collection for web and mobile applications.

Value delivered

Boosted sales through A/B testing, feature flags, and the inclusion/exclusion of interface components.
Simplified SDK integration for client products on Android, iOS, and web platforms.
Enhanced system performance with user data by transitioning to a Big Table storage system.
Introduced a new tool for generating custom source code across various mobile and web platforms.

Airship helps brands master mobile app experience. With the dawn of mobile apps, Airship powered the first commercial messages and then expanded its data-led approach to all re-engagement channels. Our partnership with Svitla Systems started in 2020 when we requested help with finding various web and mobile developers for various projects. Today Svitla greatly helps us to deliver our services on time and at a very high-quality level. They also cover all HR processes with the team, taking care of all aspects of their work.

Neil Gariepy
VP of Engineering, Airship

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