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Amplience | Case Study | Svitla Systems





Web, QA


E-commerce, Digital Marketing


Ruby, Python, HTML5, CSS, Android, iOS, Amazon, Cucumber

Project type



Amplience Content Authoring facilitates the creation of key content ​types, while taking the critical step of separating content from presentation. The result is wrapper-free, rich content that renders responsively and adaptively wherever and however it is needed, to deliver richly compelling shopping experiences. Content Hub combines disparate content silos into a single content library. By unifying editorial and product content, image, video and document assets, Content Hub enables more efficient, collaborative and creative production processes. It streamlines the creation of the rich shopping experiences that drive conversion.

Business needs:

Create the testing process for web and mobile applications from scratch.

Customize content templates for various sales platforms and clients.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

Dedicated team who will initially do product support to understand product from end users perspective.

Once team gained knowledge about product, transfer them to delivery department to support new products development.

Solution architect for Content Authoring to speed up support of new content types.

Frontend developers to create new rich content presentation templates.


Ruby, Python, SQL

HTML, CSS, JS, Node.js, RegEx

Cucumber, RSpec, Watir


Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS

Amazon, Amplience, SAP Hybris

Value delivered

Client received QA team with domain knowledge, who deeply understand content management.
Amplience trained QA specifically for their needs.
Support of new content types, and integrations was done with minimal supervision from Amplience freeing up client resources for other in house projects.

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