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CMS, BPA, Mobile


Amplience is a top Commerce Experience Platform, that offers integrated CMS and DAM solutions for enhanced collaboration between business and technical teams. Providing unmatched agility, visibility, and control for marketers and merchandisers, it also allows developers and architects to build flexible monolithic and composable architectures. Over 400 leading brands leverage these solutions for modern experiences.

Business needs:

-  Enhance the project's scalability and flexibility by incorporating new features.

-  Transform the system from a web editor into one that enables module assembly, forming the basis of the users website.

-  Tailor content templates to accommodate various sales platforms and users' needs.

-  Present diverse content for use in both content hubs and omnichannel distribution.

-  Develop a testing process for web and mobile applications, starting from the ground up.

-  Assist users in developing content modules from a diverse range of their audience.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

-  Dedicated Solution Architect for Content Authoring to expedite new content types integration.

-  Implement GraphQL API conversion and enhance users management with role introduction.

-  Assemble a team of front-end developers to craft innovative presentation templates.

-  A Big Data specialist at Svitla created a library enabling users to access a product page, featuring modules containing images, videos, and customizable content parameters.

-  A devoted Svitla team of nine QA specialists was established to guarantee product support and analyze end-user experiences. Initially, the QA team operated in first-line technical support, collaborating with clients and escalating requests. After a year, the support team transitioned to the QA department to work alongside the core team on the product. They began with manual testing before progressing to QA automation.

-  Create a user-success department for developing and integrating pre-built modules.

Value delivered

Minimal supervision for integrating new content types and features, allowing the customer to allocate their resources to other in-house projects more effectively.
New visually engaging and user-friendly presentation templates that elevate brand identity and enhance audience engagement.
Product support and end-user experience analysis were significantly enhanced, ensuring seamless client interactions and fostering continuous product improvement through a transition from manual testing to QA automation.
Users obtained pre-built modules for seamless integration into their websites, simplifying their interaction with the content system.

Amplience, John Williams | Testimonial | Svitla Systems

Amplience is a media company delivering media content to retailers in Europe and the US. Svitla is helping the company with testing all of its software. Svitla is really good in managing large development and testing teams distributed all around the world, which brings a great advantage to Amplience.

John Williams
CTO at Amplience

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