Hospitals Administration Platform for Avalon AI - Svitla Case Study

Enhancing traditional hospital administration methods through digital innovation


Hospitals Administration Platform for Avalon AI


Consulting, Cloud, Data Analytics, UX/UI, Digital Transformation


Healthcare & Life Sciences


AWS, AWS Redshift, Power BI, RPA

Project type

Advanced Analytics, AI, Machine Learning, Web App, Cloud Migration


Avalon.AI is the US data analytics company providing the best outcomes for payors, providers, and medical device and pharma companies. Their innovative AI model combines value-based data analytics with clinical treatment and protocols to provide best-in-class healthcare. Avalon.AI’s proprietary technology is delivered via advanced dashboards and data sets that enable users to make more informed decisions – from the micro level of individual prescriptions up to doctors, hospitals, and entire healthcare systems – all to create better patient outcomes.

Business needs:

Addressing the lack of sustainable digital solutions for macro healthcare institutions, Avalon.AI took on the mission to develop a comprehensive platform to streamline the management and evaluation of patient outcomes at various levels. The client aimed to achieve several important goals.

Develop a comprehensive administrative solution for hospitals, enabling them to manage a range of operations including scheduling appointments, reviewing physicians' ratings, tracking patients’ progress, and evaluating the overall workload of the hospital and its staff.

Provide insurance companies with the ability to review their customers' appointments across different hospitals, examine test results and prescriptions, and review various healthcare providers' and doctors’ rankings.

 - Equip HR departments with the capability to monitor employees who opt for individual medical insurance, encompassing their medical history and results.

 - Based on Svitla's multi-year experience in the healthcare industry, as well as the successful joint implementation of several previous projects, including the Opioid Prescription Analytics solution and Healthcare Management Platform, Avalon.AI chose Svitla as a reliable technology partner.

 - The timeline was tight due to commitments the client made to the stakeholders and required Svitla to launch the MVP within 2 months.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

In response to the challenges that resource-limited hospitals face, Avalon AI and Svitla introduced an innovative administrative approach. Our affordable and efficient software solution is designed to assist larger healthcare institutions in managing their vast data pools, including details about doctors, patients, procedures, and treatment records.

During the first development phase, we utilized AWS Redshift and AWS Glue for a critical ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process. This began with the extraction of data from various sources, both structured and unstructured, and getting this data cleaned and reformatted to ensure its accuracy and consistency for analysis. The data is next loaded into an AWS Redshift database, designed specifically for handling large-scale data processing. AWS Glue was used throughout this process as a serverless data integration service, simplifying the task of data preparation for analysis by automatically moving data between different data stores.

Finally, using Microsoft Power BI we created intuitive, easy-to-understand visual representations of the data, enabling administrators to gain insights into a variety of processes. 

Thus, the admin platform enables any institution to make data-driven decisions, leading to improved efficiency and patient care.

Value delivered

In just 2 months, Avalon.AI received a functional MVP that allowed it to showcase the proof of concept to stakeholders and potential contractors.
Svitla continues to be a reliable digital solutions partner for Avalon.AI, actively contributing to innovation in the U.S. healthcare industry, and collaborates with the client on various other projects.
Customer Quote

Svitla brought the expertise and experience to work with our team in developing our solution and helping to solve several complex technical and data challenges. The breadth of the solution experience for AWS, data analytics, UX/UI design, building meaningful metrics, and handling complex integrations with multiple hospital data systems was impressive and allowed us to expand the features and functionality of our flagship application.

Christopher Malter
CEO at Avalon.AI

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