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Our client is a publicly traded US technology company offering a cloud-based platform for spending and supply chain management solutions for businesses of all sizes. The platform is highly adaptable, allowing for customization to meet unique client needs.

Svitla Systems was engaged to provide cloud support for several platform solutions: 

Advanced Contract Management Web Application: A web application for advanced contract management. Built upon a robust third-party framework, it offers a suite of tools tailored to streamline the entire contract lifecycle. Users can effortlessly customize unified contracts, generate documents from templates, automate contract signing processes, and generate reports. Given the platform's adaptability, organizations can modify and upgrade it to meet specific needs. 

Enterprise-Level Web Application: An enterprise-level web application that helps large companies efficiently manage multiple business operations, including travel expenses, customer requests, orders, invoices, employee administration, inventory, supplies, and documentation. Beyond these core functionalities, the system offers robust reporting capabilities, enabling businesses to generate further insightful reports to streamline their decision-making processes. 

Business needs:

  - Ensure uninterrupted cloud operations and effective troubleshooting for application deployment and performance. 

  - Enhance operational efficiency and resource utilization across diverse environments. 

  - Improve security, scalability, and consistency in application deployment. 

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

  - Implement AWS infrastructure management by supervising all configurations to guarantee uninterrupted operations within the cloud environment. 

  - Investigate issues in containerized applications deployed on Kubernetes. Store container images in Amazon ECR repositories with vulnerability scanning. Add auditing to the Kubernetes control plane. Use Grafana and Prometheus for monitoring and visualizing metrics. Analyze logs and performance metrics to identify anomalies or patterns that indicate problems. 

  - Troubleshoot issues in AWS Lambda functions written in Python by utilizing AWS CloudWatch to review logs and metrics. Employ tracing in the Python scripts to provide detailed insights into the function's execution flow and identify any errors or bottlenecks. 

  - Resolve issues in the continuous deployment pipeline involving Jenkins, ArgoCD, and code repositories hosted on GitHub. Examine Jenkins build logs and ArgoCD deployment logs to identify failure points. Cross-reference with GitHub to check for issues in code commits or repository configurations. 

  - Address problems in the infrastructure setup, provisioned using Terraform and configured with Chef. Review Terraform code, unify module structure, remove manual infrastructure updates, and adjust infrastructure-as-code configurations. Utilize Chef for configuration management and automation, ensuring consistency across EC2 instances. Analyze Load Balancers’ logs and metrics for connectivity or performance issues. 

Value Delivered

Elevated end-user satisfaction and improved brand reputation thanks to comprehensive customer support with adept handling of diverse requests and ensuring streamlined interactions.
The platform's operational efficiency and reliability increased due to the seamless transition to modernized technical stacks, quickly executed key configuration changes, and thorough system health checks.
Obtained faster time-to-market due to integrating the best DevOps practices into CI/CD pipelines and establishing standardized application environments. In addition, our team automated deployments and improved development and operational team collaboration.
Enhanced business agility due to efficient resource adjustments and utilizations, the ability to adjust container resources to scale according to workload demand changes, and the ability to quickly create and deploy containers, which is crucial in fast-paced development settings and for minimizing downtime during updates or deployments.
Improved application security through container isolation, better incident analysis, adding log audits, and providing tracing.

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