Collaborative Banking Fintech Solution - Svitla Case Study

Improved user experience and performance with a revamped application


Collaborative Banking Fintech Solution


Back-end, Front-end, Mobile, Cloud, QA, Digital Transformation


Financial Services


Angular, JavaScript, ASP .NET, C#, Azure, UIKit

Project type

Web App, Mobile App


An innovative open banking solution that offers a platform for cutting-edge fintechs and traditional banks to connect with each other without the need for complex integration. The platform gives fintechs access to a wide selection of financial institutions, which in turn can expand their portfolios and sell more banking products and services to their account holders.

The solution is available as both a web platform and a mobile application compatible with iOS and Android. The application offers a comprehensive review of personal financial wellness, customization through integration with third-party apps, and various new financial tools that work in conjunction with users’ banks and credit unions.

Business needs:

- Enhance the performance of web and mobile apps to support scalability and business expansion plans.

- Accelerate the development and release of new features to meet the evolving users’ demands.

- Redesign UX/UI to bring a modern look and improve user interactions with the platform.

- Implement continuous tracking and analysis of the system performance in real time.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- Thoroughly analyzed the existing web and mobile applications, and provided the client with a comprehensive development plan along with necessary technology stack recommendations.

- Enhanced team collaboration by establishing a central code repository.

- Implemented CI/CD processes with Azure Pipelines, including the integration of automated tests for mobile and web applications.

- Built a robust QA process by setting up an automated system for building, testing, and validating new code as soon as it was added.

- Ensured software quality through comprehensive testing procedures and the development of dedicated test suites.

- Automated the deployment of validated code across different software environments.

- Designed a highly scalable and efficient system capable of handling high system loads.

- Utilized Azure Functions, Azure Queue, and Azure App Service based on the microservice architecture to handle specific tasks, including asynchronous message processing, hosting and horizontal scaling of the backend’s application components.

- Redesigned the UX/UI of about 70% of the application to improve user experience.

- Developed new features from scratch, including a 360-degree overview of all financial assets, insightful money flow analytics, manual input for various financial data, and push notifications.

- Designed, implemented, and integrated essential application metrics for effective system monitoring and real-time evaluation of system behavior and performance.

Value delivered

Boosted the platform’s usability with a successful redesign and improved UX/UI quality.
Expanded user capabilities by adding new critical functionality.
Enhanced the performance of web and mobile applications by implementing the microservices architecture and integrating cloud services and automated testing and deployment.
Installed comprehensive monitoring tools for continuous 24/7 monitoring of all applications to track their overall performance and promptly resolve incidents that arise.

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