CRM Solution for Media Production Case Study

Reworking a CRM to enhance its stability and user experience


CRM Solution for Media Production


Back-end, Front-end, Cloud, DevOps


Media & Entertainment


React, HTML5, CSS, TypeScript, AWS

Project type

CRM, Web App


A premier media platform, our client is at the forefront of influencer marketing and career development, cementing its reputation as Europe's leading talent agency in the sphere of media production. The platform offers a holistic suite of services specifically tailored for brands, broadcasters, and bloggers. This encompasses creating compelling content, influencer brand-building assistance, and automating complex tasks, including influencer analytics and channel revenue assessments.

As part of the core platform, the company has a CRM system to facilitate the management of users’ data, content, and campaigns. The CRM was outdated and didn't function properly, slowing down business growth. Since the client did not have their own development capacity, they turned to Svitla Systems as a key development partner to rework the CRM and ensure its further support. The post-development maintenance involved timely system updates, meticulous code reviews, and seamless integration with third-party APIs, services, and tools. 

Business needs:

- Enhance influencer content promotion by stabilizing the internal CRM and consistently improving and broadening its capabilities.

- Streamline the workload of the client’s Business Intelligence (BI) department by scaling the development of new services and tools for efficient data processing and reporting.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- Extended the client's small IT department with Senior developers to efficiently speed up the platform development and support.

- Conducted an in-depth analysis of the outdated CRM and created a roadmap for the system improvement.

- Developed a brand-new solution matching the client’s requirements. While retaining the core functionality, the new solution leveraged a modern Ruby and Ruby-on-Rails tech stack and adhered to clean coding practices.

- Improved the existing reporting systems used by the client’s BI team by expanding the range of report formats and diversifying the data collected and analyzed, such as metrics related to users, videos, reactions, incomes, etc.

- Utilized AWS services to guarantee efficient task distribution, seamless testing, and unwavering system maintenance.

- Applied the RSpec testing tool for meticulous backend assessments within the Ruby-on-Rails framework. This ensured adherence to top-tier standards after system enhancements.

Value delivered

With the implemented team extension approach, the client gained a balanced full-stack team that efficiently handled both frontend and backend tasks, taking full ownership of the development process.
In under a year, the Svitla team successfully developed and deployed a new solution that seamlessly replaced the previous error-prone version, enhancing stability and user experience.
The revamped reporting capabilities enabled the onsite BI team to derive richer insights through more varied and comprehensive report formats.

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