Back-end, UX/UI


Financial Services


HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis

Project type

Web App


CRMa is a software and service provider to community financial institutions (banks and credit unions) to help them manage their credit risk. A key part of the regulatory oversight of these institutions is an accurate valuation of the risk contained within their loan portfolio or the Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses (ALLL.)  CRMa’s ALLL product is a self-service tool to calculate the ALLL for a portfolio based on a choice of well-accepted calculation methodologies.

Business needs:

- Develop a platform to support all of CRMa’s future products.

- Develop the ALLL product within the platform.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- Create a Ruby on Rails web application to serve as the platform.

- Develop the financial calculators as modules on the platform.

- Create a UI to allow the upload and maintenance of portfolio data, calculation configuration and execution, and scenario storage and reporting.

- Define and implement a test automation framework.

Value delivered

A fully-functional web application platform that is easily extensible to add new products.
A mature and flexible test automation framework and associated tests.
The rollout of a sophisticated, self-service tool for bank representatives to calculate their ALLL using a choice of documented and auditor-approved methodologies.

CRMa, Eric Rackley | Testimonial | Svitla Systems

CRMa provides software services to community banks, regional banks, and credit unions. Their services help banks to manage their credit risks in loan portfolios. Svitla has developed UI, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap, a middle layer in Ruby, and works with a PostgreSQL database. The software is rather sophisticated but Svitla managed to do a great job by speeding up its processes.

Eric Rackley
SVP of Technology, CRMa

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