E-commerce Development Support Case Study

Comprehensive e-commerce support, from initial analysis to development to post-release maintenance


E-commerce Development Support


Web, Cloud, Consulting


E-commerce & Retail


Jenkins, Azure, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Project type

Web App


A leading digital transformation company with 50 global locations, experienced in helping businesses leverage commerce, marketing, sales, service, analytics, loyalty, and digital experience solutions. With global expertise in enterprise-connected commerce, the company seamlessly guides world-leading brands throughout their entire digital transformation journey.

Business needs:

- Maintain operational efficiency while delivering high-quality services and expertise to meet the expectations of major retail clients in cosmetics, jewelry, athletic apparel and footwear, groceries, video game publishing,  and more.

- Integrate multiple platforms into a single, unified structure to streamline operations.

- Enable advanced customization to deliver tailored services to each major client brand.

- Provide comprehensive project support from initial concept to release to continued maintenance.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- Conducted pre-development analysis by focusing on requirements, providing clarifications, and maintaining active communication with the client.

- Created a scalable design strategy, accompanied by technical specification documents, with an emphasis on modifying existing architectural elements.

- Developed frontend and backend code, carried out debugging activities, and generated reports, offering clarifications as needed.

- Compiled comprehensive technical documentation, including specification papers and release notes.

- Administered release activities by managing code branches, preparing requisite release documents, and configuring build systems like Jenkins and Azure. Orchestrated the setup of products on both UAT and production instances.

- Led troubleshooting efforts, providing rapid issue analysis on production environments and implementing hotfixes.

- Cultivated a mentoring and leadership role by sharing expertise, conducting code reviews, onboarding new team members, delegating responsibilities, and offering support during critical issues.

Value delivered

The unification of disparate platforms increased operational efficiency.
Custom-crafted functionalities added a personalized touch and operational finesse.
Comprehensive project support, from pre-development to post-release activities, guaranteed premium service and elevated client satisfaction.
Team diversification and sharing of specialized expertise enriched the client’s team with a broader skill set contributing added value to ongoing and future projects.

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