New functionality for data analytics and visualization allows for better insights into KPIs


E-commerce Platform


Back-end, Front-end, UX/UI


E-commerce & Retail, Digital Marketing


Java, PHP, JavaScript, React, MySQL, HTML5

Project type

Web App


Our clients' software takes syndicated & retail data (Nielsen, IRI, Spins, Whole Foods, etc.) and transforms it into dynamic selling stories for consumer product goods (CPG) sales managers. The Company’s next-generation software platform uses machine learning to make faster and smarter recommendations for customers.

Business needs:

- Develop and design new functionality for analytics.

- Deliver the next version of the software to production.

- Develop a modern user interface and a data visualization system.

- Create charts for data visualization and marketing analysis.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- Migrate to React.js from the custom JavaScript library to make the system modular.

- Use REST API to connect frontend and backend for improved service-oriented support.

- Migrate all code from PHP/Symfony2 to Java/Play and Scala for better performance and stability of the backend portion of the product.

- Visualize data with Highchart in web solutions that are on HTML5 and JavaScript.

- Increase the stability of the frontend by using unit tests and React.js.

Value delivered

The product successfully launched to production.
Charts and data visualization allowed better insights into KPIs.
The daily usage of the product increased due to its simple and smooth UI.
The performance and stability of the product improved due to the reworked backend.

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