Fleet Management Tracking Device


Cloud, Back-end


Logistics & Transportation


AWS, Java, MongoDB, Redis

Project type

IoT, Big Data


Our client applies Silicon Valley technologies to fleet management with a patent-pending solution that enables companies to maximize profitability, improve driver safety, and comply with current and upcoming regulations more effectively. A special Tracking Device allows accurate tracking by collecting data from the vehicle and sending it to the information system and is suitable for packages, pallets, trailers, containers, construction equipment, and more. With 10-second automatic updates, the Device provides near real-time status and boasts unlimited battery life with solar or hardwired options.

Business needs:

- Update back-end to improve the process of collecting data from the tracking devices.

- Update the process of managing large amounts of received data.

- Automate log audit and edit requests from the device to the information system.

- Convert and support data from many ODB formats.

- Support a large number of devices simultaneously in real-time.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- Save data in a fast NoSQL system, cover requests with tests.

- Implement high-performance back-end built on Java tech-stack.

- Use Lambda functions to process data requests from devices.

- Update IoT components functionality.

- Connect data receivers/collectors with new back-end.

- Assistance in reconfiguring the AWS cloud to correspond to higher-performance requirements.

Value delivered

Dedicated Team, working directly with the onsite team, under Svitla Systems’ PM supervision.
Reliable back-end ready for processing data from a large number of devices.
Support for different tracking devices by converting ODB data.
Reduced AWS infrastructure costs, improved ability to scale quickly and efficiently.

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