Reworking a CMS to streamline creation of new features


Fuel Management Analytics


Web, Mobile, QA, DevOps


Data Management, Energy, Financial Services


Java, JavaScript, AWS, iOS, Android

Project type

Big Data, Microservices, Mobile


As the premier cloud platform for fueling and site management, this industry leader delivers specialized solutions that increase sales, optimize performance, and enhance customer experience with advanced analytics. With a 30-year history, this trailblazer automates the entire fuel management process, revolutionizing fueling site service management as a subsidiary of a renowned fueling equipment manufacturer.

Business needs:

- Maintain and enhance the Content Management System (CMS) for delivery, monitoring, and resource management.

- Develop architectural solutions to support the monolithic legacy system and implement microservices.

- Create a cross-platform application compatible with iOS and Android devices.

- Improve authorization and authentication systems for web and mobile applications.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- Design and implement a new architecture, mitigating the drawbacks of the legacy monolithic system.

- Develop a cross-platform application for drivers using Apache Cordova.

- Introduce a modern tech stack for continuous integration and delivery.

- Update iOS and Android applications.

Value delivered

Enabled streamlined creation of new features through the adoption of microservice architecture and cloud systems.
Enhanced user data security with improved authorization and authentication mechanisms.
Launched updated iOS and Android applications with better synchronization to web solutions.
Boosted system reliability due to the rigorous application of quality assurance practices.
Customer Quote

We were satisfied with Svitla Systems's work and performance. The team works independently, delivers milestones on time, and does extra work such as mentoring, training material development, status reporting, process gap identification and resolution, etc. They stand out for their agile development experience and excellent customer service. Customer service from Svitla is excellent. They provide high-quality candidates to meet our needs. Overall, they're responsible and on top of everything.

Pamela Schengrund
Senior Manager & Program Management, Invenco

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