Big Data


Genealogical Analysis Website


Web, QA, Front-end, Back-end


Social Project, Data Management


Angular, MongoDB, MySQL, ASP .NET

Project type

Big Data, Web App, CMS


Our Client is the largest genealogy company in the world. It operates a network of genealogical and historical record websites focused on the United States and nine other countries. The Company develops and markets genealogical software and offers a wide array of genealogical related services.

Business needs:

- Establish a long-term partnership based on the Team Extension model to help the client’s onsite development team.

- Develop an enhanced version of the existing search system to offer subscribers more customizable services.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- Design a new search service from scratch. 

- Modify the search system to make it easily configure and tailored to fit the needs of multiple consumer services. 

- Flexible configuration features to enable a customized search that exposes search fields relevant to a particular consumer. 

- Implement a Scrum approach with daily meetings and frequent demos. 

- Two additional line-of-business utility applications for the internal needs of the Client's management team.

Value delivered

The Platform is now using an improved version of the search service.
All software was built using several modern technologies and frameworks.
Solid emphasis on software quality relying on the massive amount of unit and automation tests.
Since 2013, Svitla Systems is a trusted partner of the Company, developing and improving multiple products.

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