Cloud IaaS with a DevOps pipeline

Cloud IaaS with a CI/CD pipeline reduced infrastructure costs and minimized deployment time


Sports Media Business


Cloud, DevOps, Back-end


Media & Entertainment, Sport


AWS, Terraform, Jenkins, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, HTML5, CSS

Project type

Web App, Cloud Migration


Our client is a decades-old sports media business with a number of very popular and heavily used web properties with large online communities. The company delivers various exclusive sports content, such as perspectives, predictions, player projections, etc. It offers subscription-based information, which includes NFL news, injury updates, fantasy analysis, players' rankings, etc. 

Business needs:

- Separately migrate two very popular and heavily used websites to an entirely new AWS infrastructure.

- Define a cloud architecture that is cost-effective, highly-scalable, and resilient.

- Support the new infrastructure during periods of very heavy use.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- Cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) in Terraform and bash scripting for AWS CLI.

- DevOps pipeline using AWS CodeCommit, Jenkins, and Packer.

- Updated dashboards and active monitoring and alerting.

Value delivered

Client received a fast and reliable DevOps pipeline in the cloud.
Minimized deployment time up to 70% with elimination of any human-factor errors.
Infrastructure costs were reduced by 50% while enabling automatic scaling during heavy loads.

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