Job search web platform development for Hireterra

Facilitating the hiring process for candidates and recruiters with a fully functional job search platform



Consulting, Web, Cloud, QA


Human Resources


React, JavaScript, Node.js, Python, AWS

Project type

Web App


The platform is the only multi-industry jobs platform in the US that is changing the way companies recruit and hire top talent. The traditional recruitment process can often be biased and unfair, which is why the client created a platform that values anonymity and diversity. The platform is simple and easy to use for recruiters, IT, and non-IT candidates. Candidates can register anonymously and create a profile that highlights their skills, education, and work preferences. This information is visible to recruiters, who can then search for candidates based on their specific needs and requirements. Candidates can open additional profile information by request from recruiters. With this platform, companies can be assured they are getting the best possible talent for their organization, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or age. By protecting the privacy of candidates, the platform helps to eliminate bias for all job seekers.

Business needs:

- A reliable technology partner with experience in the modern technology stack to create a job search platform for recruiters and candidates from scratch.

- Build an administration panel for user management and system metrics for managing the job search platform.

- Deploy and configure a solution to the cloud to save costs for running the project.

- Create and configure marketing systems for social networks and email marketing.

- Provide security health checks for the platform.

- Find out user behaviors, best price options, optimize the KPIs and prediction models.

- Assure the quality of the system at each release stage.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- Svitla team recommended the architecture of the product and its implementation on JavaScript, React, and Node.js.

- Used responsive design to support mobile devices. Created a migration procedure for all data when deploying a new version of a product.

- Created a separate frontend for the admin panel, enabling different diagrams and charts for statistics visualization.

- Used AWS as a main platform, configured Development, Staging, and Production environments; configured RDS instances for the database.

- Used the latest APIs from Facebook, LinkedIn, and email marketing for setting up and running all the marketing platforms.

- Involved security experts from the Svitla team to implement security check automation systems on AWS. Set up VPN to protect access to the important parts of the solution.

- Created Python scripts for different research on the available dataset using Pandas, NumPy, and SciPy.

- Implemented manual testing and checks of the system’s critical parts by developers and testers.

Value delivered

The platform is fully functioning and stably working for a number of recruiters and candidates in dozens of industries.
Successful user management, up-to-date statistics about numbers of candidates, recruiters, posted jobs, etc.
Cost optimization for cloud budget, stable platform availability with a near to 100% uptime of the system.
No security issues happened during the years of the platform’s functioning.
Better understanding of business needs from the recruiters, comfortable profile setting for the candidates.
Stable and effortless working with the system for end users facilitated its sustainable growth: the number of candidates using the platform increased by 2.2X and the number of recruiters increased by 4X in the last year.
Hireterra has found in Svitla a reliable partner that helps to maintain and evolve the platform in accordance with user requirements and market trends.

Working with Svitla has been a game-changer for Hireterra. Their team's expertise and dedication allowed us to build a full-featured platform that has significantly impacted the recruitment industry. From the architecture to implementing a modern technology stack, to the cloud deployment and configuration of marketing systems, Svitla's guidance and execution have been invaluable in making our vision a reality. Thanks to Svitla, we have a stable and reliable solution that provides anonymous job search capabilities and eliminates bias in the recruitment process. Our users have given us positive feedback, and we continue to see daily growth in the number of users on our platform. I highly recommend Svitla as a reliable technology partner for any company looking to develop or improve its digital products.

Yarema Kuzyshyn
Co-founder and President, Hireterra

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