Holographic Display Hardware




Computer and Mobile Devices, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Digital Marketing


Unity 3D, .NET, C#, C++, OpenGL, WebGL, Qt/QML, Android

Project type

Mobile, Mobile App


Our client develops the world’s first commercial holographic 3D displays for mobile applications. Their proprietary technology transforms off-the-shelf LCD displays into holographic screens, capable of emitting different viewpoints of a scene into the corresponding directions. Along with the display technology, they are developing a software ecosystem to facilitate the creation/conversion of mobile apps (Android) and integration into broader 3D ecosystems.

Business needs:

- Create the application’s ecosystem to demonstrate the usage of 3D holographic displays for mobile applications.

- Develop a couple of application demos that showcase 3D holographic content in video gaming and entertainment domains.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- Develop new Unity3D plugin to support holographic 3D display.

- Dedicated Team applying its Unity3D expertise to the latest holographic 3D technology and VR/AR.

- Improve rendering speed of 3D holographic content on Unity 3D and native Android. 

- Enhance several well-known games with support of holographic 3Ddisplay.

Value delivered

New Unity 3D plugin that greatly simplified integration of holographic content with target devices.
High-quality demos that showcase holographic 3D display.
Easy and painless porting of various content to target devices.
3D content rendering gained a significant performance boost, due to various platform optimization.
The Client received a Dedicated Team experienced in 3D development.

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