Home Insurance Application


Embedded, Back-end, Front-end, UX/UI, QA


Insurance, Computer and Mobile Devices, Real Estate


Angular, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, JavaScript, Node.js, AWS, Redis, iOS, Android

Project type

IoT, Big Data, Mobile App, Mobile, Web App


The Product is a clever new way to protect a home by providing the latest technology to warn customers if there is a fire, burglary, or a water leak in a house. By using Smart Home technologies, our Client's software detects any trouble in advance and sends information directly to the customer’s phone. No matter where the customer is, he stays connected to home.

Business needs:

- Develop a new version of the Insurance selling application.

- Adjust the UI for mobile and desktop devices.

- Create a process of gathering information from hardware devices and transform data in a convenient form for the Client's support team for further processing.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- A mobile integrated application to manage home protection devices.

- REST APIs for hardware and mobile devices.

- Use a microservices architecture to allow flexibility and further expansion of the ecosystem.

- Integration with IP cameras.

Value delivered

A dedicated team of full-stack developers that were completely knowledgeable about system specifics.
Reduced the time spent on new feature development, refactoring, and bug-fixing.
Improved the level of our Client users' satisfaction with the app.

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