Hospitality Solutions


Back-end, Front-end, DevOps, QA


Digital Marketing, Hospitality & Travel


ASP .NET, C#, Docker, React, Ember.js, REST

Project type

Microservices, Web App, CRM


Our client develops enterprise-class, cloud-oriented software to power a diverse and global hospitality industry. It designs software that is enjoyable to use and free of historical overhead by finding and refining outstanding talent around the world to share skills on a global platform. Following an Agile framework model, our client is creates energetic environment that offers individual contributions alongside a strong core value set.

Business needs:

- Help the on-site team with timely development and delivery of various features inside the CRM solution.

- Develop new services for the solution:

   - Reporting system.

   - Additional microservices.

   - Integration with other systems (end-user CRMs, reservation and billing systems, etc).

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- Svitla’s Dedicated Team consists of back-end and front-end developers, and QA specialists.

- Agile and adjustable reporting systems based on Stimulsoft Reports providing end-users with various report formats (number of clients, rooms reserved, finance, and more).

- The separate development approach to ensure the system’s integration with third-party applications.

- The rapid development of Microservices offerings, including:

   - Rate Management

   - Reservation Management

   - Configuration Management

Value delivered

Prompt settlement of dedicated development teams to work on separate approaches.
A smooth and agile development process that is based on consistent communication between the Svitla Team and the client Team Lead.
Ability to add features on the go, minimizing the time for each new feature launch into production.

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