Achieving faster performance, enhanced user authentication and data analytics with an upgraded platform


Hotel Customer Experience Platform


Back-end, Front-end, Cloud, Web


Hospitality & Travel


React, JavaScript, Java, PHP, AWS

Project type

Web App


Our client provides robust software solutions to enhance hospitality operations and guest experiences. Their product suite, trusted by 12,000+ hotels worldwide, includes an email marketing system, personalized booking solution, real-time text messaging platform, automated feedback system, and an effective reservation contact center. Each product aims to harness technology for business growth and superior guest satisfaction.

Business needs:

-Expand Platform Capabilities: enhance core modules including Feedback, Marketing, Reservation Sales, and Messaging system, streamlining customer journey and improving engagement.

-Robust User Authentication & Authorization: develop a fortified user authentication and authorization system, providing secure access controls and safeguarding user data.

-Improve User Management: facilitate efficient customer record management, ensuring accurate and up-to-date customer data for tailored experiences.

-Enhance Data Processing & Analytics: establish a system for seamless user data collection, storage, processing, and visualization, to provide valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- Switched to Next.js to expedite new services development and boost technological flexibility.

- Developed a new graphic design for product pages to improve the overall UX/UI.

- Implemented single sign-on via Auth0 to simplify user identification across multiple system parts.

- Utilized CRUD to unify user data across services, with universal authorization via social networks.

- Deployed event-driven, Kafka-based microservices for efficient inter-service information transfer.

- Utilized BigQuery to manage and maintain the data warehouse.

- Used Neo4j and AWS Neptune graph databases to store information in a graph format.

- Established new data pipelines for clean analytics-ready data and developed new dashboards.

Value delivered

Ability to develop and integrate new modules rapidly.
Improved user authorization with a single standard page.
The system performs faster even during periods of high user volume.
BI and marketing teams leverage a more efficient analytics system with diverse, intuitive dashboards.

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