Labor Management Platform Development Case Study

Stabilizing the platform by setting up reliable manual and automation testing


Labor Management Platform


Back-end, Front-end, Cloud


Human Resources


React, Node.js, Google Cloud

Project type

Web App


A cloud-based platform that manages workforce recruitment, learning, and onboarding to help companies leverage innovative technologies, increase productivity, lower costs, and take away labor management headaches. 

Business needs:

- Elevate the Platform: Move from a startup-level to a production-grade platform, enhancing overall performance and reliability.

- Cost Savings: Save operational costs by migrating from AWS to a more cost-effective cloud solution.

- Enhanced Analytics and Reporting: Enable informed decision-making through better analytics, reporting, and integration with external BI systems and visualization.

- Accelerate Development: Expand development capacity, allowing faster innovation and response to business needs.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

-Stabilized the platform by setting up reliable manual and automation testing and APIs to improve the system stability and make it production-grade. 

-Modernized the technology stack by switching from PHP to new TypeScript technologies.

-Migrated from AWS to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), transferring the existing database and keeping the same structure.

-Leveraged GCP's unique service, BigTable, which facilitates working with petabytes of data and operates on its own file system, providing additional benefits not available on AWS.

-Implemented a new BI approach using the Looker system as an upstreaming service to obtain and process data and improve analytics, reports, and visualization.

Value delivered

The client received a new line of investments due to quick development and launch to production, underlining the value of agility in execution.
Lower costs of cloud computing due to the transition to Google Cloud Platform, demonstrating strategic resource allocation.
Existing customers successfully switched to a new production-grade platform without disruption, which ensured business continuity.
Improved opportunities for data integration through connection to new BI tools, opening up new possibilities for analytics and insights.

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