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One of the world’s leading exchange organizations providing investors and financial institutions access to global capital markets. Their business encompasses all stages of financial market transactions, from trading to settlement, market data analysis, and the operation of electronic trading systems.

Business needs:

 - Continuous Technology Upgrade and Maintenance for API Platform: Ensure the systems are current, functional,  and optimized for performance.

 - Data Accuracy and Security for Internal Documentation System: Safeguard data reliability and system security to maintain trust and regulatory compliance. 

 - User Support and System Deployment for Analytical Data Platform: Enhance users' support and maintain smooth and continuous system deployment.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

 - API Platform: Maintenance of existing functionalities through upgrading dependencies, and improved issue tracking and resolution processes.

 - Internal Documentation System: Implementation of security enhancements through penetration tests, along with deployment fixes and performance optimizations.

 - Analytical Data Platform: Development of SQL scripts to correct data in the production database, analysis of existing code to better understand application behavior, and providing detailed explanations to end-users.

Value Delivered

The client experienced improved system reliability and performance, ensuring that financial transactions are processed efficiently.
Fortified the security and accuracy of the internal documentation system, aligning with industry standards and regulatory requirements.
The analytical data platform became more user-friendly, facilitating better user engagement and smoother data management processes.

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