Managed L3 Application Support for US Technology Company

Offloading the core application support team while delivering fixes to end-users faster


Managed L3 Support Services


Consulting, Back-end, Cloud, QA


Financial Services


JavaScript, Angular, Ruby on Rails, Java, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes

Project type

Web App


Our client is a publicly traded US technology company. Their cloud-based platform offers comprehensive spend management and supply chain management solutions tailored for businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises. Users are equipped with a suite of tools, including strategic supply chain planning, e-procurement, digital invoicing, expense management, automated contract workflows, predictive spending analytics, inventory and supplier management systems, etc. Its adaptable nature ensures customization to fit every client's unique requirements.

The client engaged Svitla Systems to assist with Managed Support for several solutions within the platform:

1. A web application for advanced contract management. Built upon a robust third-party framework, it offers a suite of tools tailored to streamline the entire contract lifecycle. Users can effortlessly customize unified contracts, generate documents from templates, automate contract signing processes, and generate reports. Given the platform's adaptability, organizations can modify and upgrade it as per specific needs.

2. An enterprise-level web application that helps large companies efficiently manage multiple business operations, including travel expenses, customer requests, orders, invoices, employee administration, inventory, supplies, and documentation. Beyond these core functionalities, the system offers powerful reporting capabilities, enabling businesses to generate insightful reports to further streamline their decision-making processes.

Business needs:

-Contract Management App: Enhance end-user satisfaction by bolstering onsite team support, ensuring swift responses to individual end-user inquiries.

-Business Operations Management App: Provide consistent technology oversight, updates, and maintenance to guarantee that the system remains up-to-date, operational, and primed for peak performance.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

Contract Management App

-Comprehensive Customer Support: Handling diverse individual client requests, including scripting and specific process developments.
Bugfixing: Thorough analysis of end-customer requests, resolving issues, creating patches, providing detailed fix instructions, and developing automated scripts for corrections.

-Security Fixes: Updating libraries, server configurations, and other security-related components.

-System Updates: Implementing configuration changes following updates to the original third-party framework.

-CI/CD Process Management: Fixes, enhancements, or development from scratch.

Business Operations Management App

-System Updates & Migration: Transitioned to the latest versions of Ruby and Ruby on Rails (RoR), which included creating tests, addressing emergent issues, and refining solutions.

-Business Logic Implementation: In alignment with defined sprints, introducing new elements of business logic and removing redundant code.

-Testing: Carrying out comprehensive system health assessments, increasing test coverage, and confirming the consistent performance of all automated tests.

-AWS Infrastructure Management: Supervising all configurations to guarantee uninterrupted operations within the cloud environment.

Value delivered

Offloaded core support team that now may focus on more strategic product development tasks.
Enhanced system security and continuous data protection with timely updates and meticulous bug fixes.
Elevated end-user satisfaction thanks to comprehensive customer support with adept handling of diverse requests and ensuring streamlined interactions.
Increased operational efficiency and reliability of the platform due to the seamless transition to modernized technical stacks, quickly executed key configuration changes, and thorough system health checks.

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