Microloan Fintech Application Case Study

Automated loan application and processing with a full-featured platform


Microloan Fintech Application


Back-end, Front-end, QA, Cloud, DevOps, Digital Transformation


Financial Services


PHP, Redis, Vue.js, React, AWS, Docker

Project type

Web App


Our client is a US-based fintech company specializing in solutions tailored for microloan providers. Their all-inclusive SaaS platform offers turnkey solutions that streamline every aspect of the loan-providing process. This covers everything from website interface and loan application workflows to credit management, legal compliance, and secure payment systems. Svitla Systems delivered a full spectrum of technical support to ensure the successful transformation and growth of our client's business model.

Business needs:

- Refactor the existing legacy SaaS platform to facilitate business process improvements across the entire organization, enhance users’ engagements, and attract new business partners. 

- Upgrade the application by consolidating solutions from multiple providers into a unified codebase, while maintaining continuous product development and deployment.

- Improve Single Page Application (SPA) approach to enhance the system's maintainability and provide greater flexibility for future development.

- Enable customers to update their personal information independently, thereby reducing the operational burden on support staff and simplifying the loan application process.

- Develop a robust customer account portal offering functionalities such as making payments, tracking loan statuses, redeeming gift cards, applying promo codes, and uploading necessary documents.

- Streamline the operational processes in the customer journey for securing additional loans by identifying and eliminating any barriers or friction points.

- Establish a framework that simplifies the launching of new financial products and makes it easier to onboard new vendors.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- Built a new client-side SPA application from scratch using the latest versions of Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Bulma, and SCSS.

- Implemented best practices in SPA design and utilized a BEM (Block Element Modifier) component-based approach.

- Updated the current backend PHP/Laravel and all libraries to the latest secure versions.

- Integrated tokens for secure communication with the backend.

- Implemented OWASP security best practices at every stage of development.

- Ensured that all new features were continuously delivered without interrupting ongoing product development, so customers didn't have to wait for everything to be completed.

- Separated frontend and backend onto different servers for improved performance and scalability.

- Made necessary database improvements and normalized the database structure.

- Establish CI/CD automation for smoother development and deployment processes.

- Automated unit and feature testing.

- Set up integrations with third-party providers such as bank account and bank cards verification, call centers (600+ people), live chats, and gift card services.

- For new projects, designed applications from the ground up using technologies like React.js, Next.js, Bulma, SCSS, HTML, SSR, SPA, and BEM.

Value delivered

The client received a new full-featured platform that automates and simplifies all interactions between microloan providers and their customers.
More efficient application performance and simplified database management.
Enhanced system security features mitigate risks, while infrastructure optimizations resulted in notable cost savings.
The user experience was elevated through more intuitive interfaces, leading to better customer retention and accessibility.
Implementation of CI/CD automation speeded up the development cycle and reduced the overhead associated with code support and feature deployment.

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