Cloud and Microservices Modernization of a Monolithic System for Mueller Water Products

Modernizing the system with Cloud and Microservices increased its efficiency and reduced support costs


Mueller Water Products


Back-end, Front-end, Cloud, UX/UI, Digital Transformation




.NET, AWS, Angular, Amazon Redshift, MySQL

Project type

IoT, Big Data, Microservices, Cloud Migration


Mueller Water Products is a leading manufacturer and marketer of intelligent equipment, solutions, and services that optimize and control water delivery. Through the development of various comprehensive systems, the company assists private users, large corporations, and city utilities in providing water more efficiently, reducing costs, and enhancing water conservation and maintenance efforts. By employing innovative technologies such as IoT, Mueller Water Products revolutionizes the operation of water systems.

Business needs:

- Modernize an outdated monolithic application using the current .NET technology stack.

- Transition to cloud storage to reduce licensing and storage costs while increasing flexibility.

- Break the monolithic app into microservices for easier maintenance and extension.

- Provide proper documentation, implement effective testing processes, and adopt agile development methodologies for dynamic, functional, and efficient software design.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- Rapidly assembled a full-stack team of back/front developers, UI/desktop developers, database experts, designers, and QA specialists.

- Assisted in migrating the monolith app to the AWS cloud, defining the necessary resources to meet the server requirements.

- Utilized .NET Core 2.2 and ASP.NET Core 2.0 for the new microservices architecture, ensuring high-quality QA for the updated code.

- Established separate databases for each microservice to simplify scaling, deployment, and support.

- Rewrote the IoT component's functionality, connecting existing data receivers and collectors to the new backend.

- Upgraded from the old MSQL database to MySQL, optimized business logic, and migrated to Amazon Redshift. Provided clear documentation and demos to ensure proper data flow.

- Covered SQL requests with tests and provided documentation for easy onboarding of newcomers.

- Developed a new frontend based on Angular to meet current standards and requirements, including internationalization and multilingual support, and implemented a new server tracking system.

- Assisted with various frontend tasks, such as maps, IoT device visualization, and user control.

- Engaged a professional UX/UI designer to update the existing application prototypes.

- Added new functionality and design visualization for various reports based on data from devices and sensing systems.

- Improved the UX/UI for new features based on the old admin panel, enhancing the end-user experience and capabilities.

Value delivered

A dedicated team, working directly with the onsite team under Svitla Systems' PM supervision.
Upgraded the outdated monolith system using the modern .NET stack and a microservices architecture.
AWS cloud storage significantly improved overall productivity and substantially reduced support costs.
The new user interface adapted the app to the industry's rapidly evolving requirements and elevated use experience.

Mueller Water Products specializes in water distribution, infrastructure and mechanical space, creating gate valves, fire hydrants, pressure control and monitoring pumps, and repair clamps. In the last 5–7 years, we’ve jumped into the software space to provide the ability to monitor networks’ health, execute billing functions, and allow customers to collect meter readings. Thus we began our partnership with Svitla Systems as they helped us identify a broad and impressive pool of qualified UX professionals we can work with. So far, Svitla has done an excellent job, and we’re very happy with the associate we hired.

Bradley Scott
Principle UX Designer, Mueller Water Products

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