Rainmaker: eLoyalty Platform for Hotels

Hospitality software company enhances guest loyalty with a renovated platform


Rainmaker: eLoyalty Platform for Hotels


Front-end, Back-end, DevOps, QA


Hospitality & Travel


JavaScript, React, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, AWS

Project type



The Rainmaker Group provides innovative software for hotels and apartment complexes to optimize pricing and revenue. Their flagship product is a leading resident engagement and loyalty platform in the multifamily industry, boosting retention, online reputation, and operational efficiency. The platform serves as a resident intelligence hub with continuous feedback, enabling personalized service. Residents can earn points through automated engagement campaigns, covering milestones, lease renewals, social connections, and referrals.

Business needs:

- Modernize the technology stack in line with current industry standards to improve the platform’s flexibility and maintainability.

- Enhance product quality while minimizing manual support and operational costs.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- Svitla's team guided the client in formulating the product specifications and assisted in identifying the precise technical requirements.

- Adeptly resolved migration challenges by retaining backend and transitioning from the outdated frontend technology to ERB and JQuery, furthermore, replacing Backbone.js with React.

- Refined the migration procedure and implemented Amazon RDS to address the table locking problem, circumventing index creation in tables due to cloud service limitations.

- Employed Cypress Test Automation to bolster the manual testing department, providing assistance in crafting manual test cases.

Value delivered

Expedited the delivery of new functionalities, reduced instances of task repetition, and an overall superior product for end users.
End users enjoyed a swifter frontend experience and a seamless user interface.
Enhanced software product performance, coupled with a decrease in data errors.
Improved platform quality and reduced workload for the manual testing department.

The Rainmaker Group, Jon Pastor | Testimonial | Svitla Systems

The Rainmaker Group provides software that helps hotels and apartment buildings price and manages revenue. Usually, it takes several months to find someone in the US to join their team. With Svitla the company can get the right person with the necessary expertise within a week or two. The advantage that works in Svitla’s favor is the number of technologies they cover. Svitla can provide professionals of any level, from junior to middle to senior and enables its clients to get things done faster and more cost-effectively.

Jon Pastor
CTO, The Rainmaker Group

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