Comprehensive solution optimizing pricing and revenue for hotels and apartments


Rental Property Management Platform


Back-end, Front-end, Cloud, Web


Real Estate


JavaScript, React, Java, AWS, Ruby

Project type

Web App


The Property Management Platform is a comprehensive solution optimizing pricing and revenue for hotels and apartments. It streamlines community marketing, tenant qualification, and lease contract generation while providing management capabilities for various properties. The platform integrates financial accounting, work order tracking, and data analysis, enabling efficient decision-making in property management.

Business needs:

- Streamline third-party integrations to minimize operational costs and enhance cohesion across the platform.

- Expand property management functionalities for comprehensive leasing solutions.

- Ensure seamless interoperability among internal software components.

- Optimize data storage and processing for quicker business decisions.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- Leveraged expertise in Java Spring, Kafka, Elasticsearch, and Streams to enhance integration and functionality across all subsystems of the property management platform, minimizing code duplication in Shared Services.

- Employed design patterns to establish robust software architecture, implemented using Java, RoR, React, and GraphQL.

- Established efficient CI/CD processes for the platform utilizing Azure DevOps and TFS.

- Utilized PostgreSQL stored procedures and Elasticsearch for efficient property management information retrieval.

- Implemented Apache Kafka for distributed information processing.

Value delivered

Enhanced Property Platform’s operational efficiency and rental analytics capabilities.
Improved operations accuracy through strategic software integration, saving time and costs.
Enabled seamless integration with third-party services for comprehensive customer solutions.
Optimized system performance, providing rapid and effective solutions for property-related information storage and retrieval.

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