Successful Azure Transition and Enhanced Platform Capabilities


Risk Management Platform Migration


Cloud, DevOps


Data Management


Azure, PHP, MS SQL

Project type

Cloud Migration


Our client is at the forefront of integrated risk management, offering innovative solutions that empower organizations to ensure compliance, reduce risks, and optimize performance. Their flagship web platform is designed to connect information and insights across enterprises, facilitating a seamless data flow to the right stakeholders at the opportune moment. The platform's holistic approach to Integrated Risk Management aims to dismantle information silos, thereby enhancing organizational efficiency.

Business needs:

 - Migrate client web application to a more flexible and scalable cloud environment to accommodate new clients across diverse geographical locations.

 - Leverage cloud services to elevate the platform, ensuring it remains the cutting-edge solution.

 - Ensure the platform supports various workloads, from production to low-demand tasks.

 - Develop a robust infrastructure that adheres to the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) principles.

 - Enhance collaboration and efficiency within the development team.

 - Improve team productivity and development process by adding multiple environments.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

 - Svitla Systems undertook the migration of the project to Azure, starting with the design and implementation of a comprehensive cloud strategy.

 - Capitalized on Azure's scalability and cost-effectiveness to meet the client's requirements for resource availability in specific regions.

 - Utilized the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach with Terraform to ensure repeatable, predictable, and scalable environments.

 - Integrated Azure Pipelines and Ansible to streamline deployment processes, fostering a more agile and collaborative environment.

 - Unified pipeline scripts to deploy virtual machines as a batch.

 - Employed Azure VMs, Azure Application Gateway, Azure Virtual Networks, NSGs, and Hub-and-Spoke Network Topology for a secure and efficient network infrastructure.

 - Implemented Azure MySQL - Flexible Server for robust database solutions to support diverse client needs.

 - Designed and implemented an environment strategy that included specially designed production environments according to customer needs.

 - Managed both production and low-demand workloads across ten environments, focusing on efficiency and cost reduction.

 - Establish a solid support system for user satisfaction and a stable, bug-free environment.

Value Delivered

Svitla Team facilitated a smooth transition to Azure, achieving full operational status and showcasing the scalability and flexibility of cloud technology.
Achieved reduced support costs and streamlined deployment processes by implementing automation and efficient infrastructure management strategies.
Enhanced the platform's capabilities to support varied regional requirements, enabling the onboarding of new clients and penetration into new markets.
Utilized technical expertise to deliver a project that adheres to global standards, thus improving the product's reliability and performance.
Established ongoing cooperation that extends over five years.

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