Optimized ESG risk management platform for better deployment, disaster recovery, and observability.




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Advanced Analytics, Microservices


A leading provider of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance and risk management solutions. Its standout product is focused on Environmental Accounting (EA) through an advanced web platform. It facilitates efficient data collection and analysis, encourages the adoption of best practices, and aids in swift decision-making processes. Especially beneficial for multinational enterprises, the platform aids in meticulously managing air, water, and waste data and preparing sustainability reports.

Business needs:

- Adapt and scale development and deployment processes to meet customer demands and product
iteration needs.

- Achieve real-time system performance insights and identify bottlenecks to maintain optimal system
operation and user experience.

- Minimize downtime and ensure data integrity with robust disaster recovery plans.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- Svitla team has successfully reviewed and unified all environments, designing and documenting a strategy for creating new environments to support development needs and customer requests for additional production environments, up to five per customer. 

- Revamped the deployment strategy by adopting a single template-based pipeline in Azure DevOps, allowing for deploying application services as standalone applications. 

- Restructured CI/CD approach, coupled with a clear distinction between CI and CD processes and controlled artifact management, led to a reduction in total deployment time to approximately one hour over the previously unpredictable durations.

- Further optimizations were made by reworking Terraform modules to enhance their reusability. This effort minimized the prevalence of similar modules, substantially decreased bugs, and improved code readability. 

- Implemented, tested, and documented disaster recovery scenarios, leveraging the built-in DR features of Azure services such as geo-redundant storage accounts and Azure SQL Database replications. These modifications notably reduced the switching time from over an hour to 10 minutes.

- The backlog underwent a thorough review, eliminating "technical debt".

- Observability was improved by consistently routing logs to New Relic, providing customers with efficient views, capability to trace requests, and to identify performance bottlenecks. 

- Deployed Azure DataFactory across several upper and lower environments, incorporating Self-Hosted Integration Runtime, complete with necessary networking configurations and secret management. 

- Established CI/CD pipelines for Azure DataFactory to streamline updates and maintenance.

Value delivered

Deployment times were cut to 1 hour, enhancing development scalability and flexibility.
Disaster recovery times reduced from over an hour to 10 minutes, significantly improving business continuity and data protection.
Integrated logging with New Relic for enhanced observability, leading to quicker issue resolution and more reliable performance.

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