Software Solutions for Orthodontic Technology Case Study

Enhanced service stability and refined maintenance methods through robust testing and comprehensive documentation


Software Solutions for Orthodontic Technology


Back-end, Cloud


Healthcare & Life Sciences


C++, Google Cloud, Visual Studio, Windows

Project type

Desktop App


A pioneering company, with two decades in the orthodontic field, that has made significant strides by harnessing advanced technology to elevate orthodontic treatment outcomes. Their blend of 3D imaging, state-of-the-art software, robotic precision, and modern aligner alternatives showcases their commitment to tech-driven, top-notch patient care. Their web application for doctors aids in the efficient management of medical data and the in-house production of aligners.

Business needs:

- Provide additional resources to bolster service stability and refine maintenance methods.

- Assistance in overseeing the Windows server foundational to the web application's backend.

- Allocate expertise to tackle the growing demands of system maintenance, feature development, and bug rectification.

- Integrate existing software to the parent company's system after acquisition.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- Provided timely and seamless task management.

- Demonstrated initiative in enhancing multiple project facets.

- Concentrated on refining the back-end component of the web application.

- Pivoted from a desktop app to a Windows service, streamlined setup processes.

- Launched the first microservice aligned with the parent company's move to cloud computing. This involved extracting relevant code, adapting it from Windows to Linux, ensuring cross-platform compatibility, and leveraging frameworks like Google Cloud.

- Laid out a strategic roadmap for the core web service's potential shift to Linux.

- Enhanced existing solution that serves as a task executor with new features.

- Undertook the challenge of transitioning from an x86 to an x64 environment, optimizing memory and resource allocation.

- Implemented a detailed communication strategy, delved into technical specifics, and emphasized collaboration and feedback.

- Prioritized robust testing, documentation, and adopted a phased implementation approach — starting with proof of concept, then internal reviews, development, quality assurance, and eventually, deploying to production.

- Transitioned from desktop GUI applications running as backend services to Windows services, emphasizing control and automation.

Value delivered

Enhanced service stability and refined maintenance methods through timely task management, robust testing, and comprehensive documentation.
Efficiently managed the backend services running on Windows for the web application's backend and improved a task executor, leading to improved backend operations and user experience.
Streamlined processes by transitioning from a desktop application to a Windows service and migrated from a 32-bit to a 64-bit environment, optimizing memory and resources.
Successfully launched the first microservice in sync with the parent company's cloud shift, ensuring cross-platform functionality, and seamlessly integrated software with the parent company's system.
Achieved enhanced operational control by shifting to Windows services, streamlining management, and ensuring scalability for future growth.

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