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Trauma Brace is an innovative software program designed to support individuals coping with the aftermath of traumatic experiences. This application extends its reach beyond traditional therapy, offering tools and resources that benefit anyone affected by trauma, regardless of their professional diagnosis status. Originally developed for iOS, Brace has demonstrated potential to aid a wide array of users, including both civilians and military personnel, by leveraging decades of research on trauma recovery techniques.

Business needs:

- Transition Brace's iOS-exclusive application to the Android platform, ensuring a broader user base can access its resources.

Implement a comprehensive QA cycle for the Android application to guarantee a seamless user experience across mobile devices.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

Initiated by a thorough analysis of the existing iOS application to accurately translate functionalities and user experiences to the Android ecosystem.

Adopted Kotlin for its modern, concise syntax and compatibility with Android, focusing on creating a user-friendly and responsive application. 

The development emphasized navigation, dependency injection, custom views, and animations to enhance interactivity and engagement.

Deployed meticulous manual QA processes tailored to mobile platforms, ensuring the application's stability, performance, and usability meet the highest standards.

Value delivered

The development of Android doubled their app downloads.
The introduction of a robust, user-friendly Android application further democratizes access to trauma recovery resources, supported by stable and continuously updated software.

Customer Quote

Trauma Brace Review

Partnering with Svitla Systems to bring our Trauma Brace app to Android users turned out to be a game-changer. Their dedication led to our app downloads skyrocketing, with an amazing 70% of these new users being Ukrainian survivors seeking solace after the Russian invasion. Right from the start, Svitla dove deep into our iOS version, making sure they fully grasped every detail of our product. They then laid out a clear roadmap for developing the Android version, walking us through each step with precision. The journey to perfect the app together through quality assurance was both collaborative and enlightening. I was thoroughly impressed by the quality of their work and the way they communicated. Being particular about every detail myself, it was refreshing to see a team that not only met my high standards but also adhered to timelines impeccably. Svitla Systems had a way of making meetings productive and focused, truly embodying the spirit of an in-house team. Their commitment and alignment with our goals made all the difference, turning our partnership into success.

Meyli Chapin
CEO & Founder, Trauma Brace

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