Managing Offshore/Offsite Software Delivery Practice
Svitla Systems is proud to share an article written by one of our long-term clients, Newsha Makooi, a Division Chief, Technology Services in

October 25, 2016

How Machine Learning can change our future
For several decades, hardly any science, business, or manufacturing have gone without computers. Every day we use thousands of routine computer processes such as web search, speech and text recognition, and spam filtering, without suspecting that most of these capabilities we owe to such computer science subfield as Machine Learning (ML).   Machine Learning is considered one of the most progressive ways in the domain of the human-like Artificial Intelligence (AI)...

October 18, 2016

Bootstrap 3.3 Extend Grid System (LESS)
Recently our article about Bootstrap 3. 3 was published on one of the most popelar developers' resourse Dzone, so we welcome you to read and comment. Let us know what you have to say on the topic! *** Did you know that adding XL breakpoint to grid system without touching source code of Bootstrap is possible? Import grid...

October 17, 2016

Svitla Systems Attorney Speaks at GaymerX in Silicon Valley
Svitla Systems Inc. , a San Francisco-based provider of software developmental solutions, is pleased to announce that Christian Martinez, its General Counsel, was invited to participate on a panel alongside members of two elite global law firms about legal issues surrounding game development at the fourth annual GaymerxX conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center & Hyatt in Santa Clara, California...

October 11, 2016

Understand AngularJS services
AngularJS have 5 few ways to create service in AngularJS: provider(); factory(); service(); value(); constant() If you don’t know different then it’s better to reed official documentation or go through my notes. The point is to choose method consciously. Before new service can be created AngularJS should know about this service...

September 21, 2016

Is your healthcare project HIPAA compliant?
Information Technology professionals specializing in the healthcare industry are highly sought-after, requiring responsible and highly-trained engineers. The reason is clear. A patients’ contact information, medical histories, laboratory results, insurance information are only a part of a long list of records included in health care records, and a security breach can be devastating to a business...

September 13, 2016

Calculating ROI in software outsourcing
The main resources of any company are money and employees’ time. To save both, an entrepreneur may want to delegate all or part of their work to an outsourcing partner. Svitla Systems knows how to help with this task, since our expertise is in providing our clients with the best technical talent...

August 23, 2016

Why Outsourcing To Ukraine?
About a decade ago, the IT outsourcing market was transformed when countries other than India started offering highly-qualified specialists at compatible prices. Ukraine was one of those fast-growing providers of a professional IT ecosystem with the European mentality. Today, the Ukrainian IT outsourcing vendors provide services to such world known giants as Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Skype, Dell, Bosch, etc...

August 15, 2016

Why outsourcing company insists on hiring a Project Manager?
When starting a new project with an outsourcing company, such as Svitla Systems, clients often hear a recommendation to hire a Project Manager at least for the first few weeks. And while the outsourcing company has no doubts about this recommendation, this proposition often raises some questions and concerns on clients’ site.   Why does an outsourcing company insist on bringing in one more team member? What will be his/her responsibilities? How long will he/she stay on the project? Can we do the project without him/her? We already have a PM on our (clients’) side, what the hell this dude is going to do? Here at Svitla Systems, we try our best to make our work very transparent...

August 08, 2016

Outsourcing the fast speed of two-speed IT
Many companies have embarked on a digital transformation of their business in an effort to increase sales and support customers through online systems, apps and social media. IT organizations are encouraged to develop a “fast” or “second gear” mindset capable of operating at internet speed and being focused on a digital transformation. Carrying out this shift while simultaneously supporting legacy systems that cannot be changed as rapidly is a tall order for many IT organizations...

July 15, 2016


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