Frontend frameworks battle (React vs Angular vs Vue.JS)


Modern software tends to change quite often, quickly adapting to constantly altering market needs: it is harder to understand which frameworks are worth applying to a particular project.

In this webinar we spoke about Modern Frontend Frameworks, and discuss particular use cases of these frameworks based on project needs. As you know web framework greatly changed the way how modern web applications are built, finally separating layers from APIs,  and integrations. And finally, backend code is no longer a mix of semi-auto-generated templates, a bunch of JS for data validation, and finally could be maintained separately without the involvement of backend engineers. 

  • But does one receipt solve all problems. ?
  • Are SPAs suitable for all types of web applications?
  • Is Angular DEAD?
  • Modular or monolithic web framework?
  • How to handle large chunks of data and visualize them on frontend?
  • “Backend as a service”?


Andrii Okhrimets, CTO at Svitla Systems

As Chief Technical Officer Andrii oversees all delivery projects of our clientele and understands software development needs at their deepest. He has vast experience with startups for over 6 years. Overall, throughout his 15+ years of experience in the software development industry, he has worked with large companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Pinnacle, and LucasArts.

by Svitla Team
July 27, 2022

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