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We could've said that we know all about iOS development but that would not be true. What will be true is that we can do anything you want or advise how to better shape your ideas to work perfectly with Apple mobile platform. At the event, we’ll talk about iOS app development trends, new tech-stack and Svitla Systems Expertise.

Modern software ecosystems tend to change quite often, quickly adapting to constantly altering market needs. Apple technologies are also following this trend. In recent years Apple introduced a lot of updates that simplify life for both engineers and their target users. 

Svitla Systems experts will go through the most significant technologies introduced by Apple to their iOS ecosystem. Starting with the most significant - legacy migration to Swift from clumsy ObjectiveC, to recent development ecosystem newbies such as CoreML framework and cross-platform Mac\iOS using Catalyst. We will also review minor tweeks to already robust technologies that simplify common development tasks such as data synchronization. 

Join us on 19 May to listen to:

  • SwiftUI and whether it is ready for serious commercial projects;
  • transferring your project from Objective-C to Swift;
  • usage of GitHub Actions with Fastlane to automate build and delivery process;
  • the newest changes in iOS and macOS platforms;
  • how to build cross platform applications using Catalyst or cross platform setup of the project;
  • incorporation of Apple’s CloudKit remote database to store and sync your app data;
  • usage of CoreML framework to level up your application capabilities;
  • сombine vs sync/async in iOS 15.

In the end there will be a QA session where you can ask any question on how to develop an iOS app, discuss your current application journey and get advice for the next steps.



Kostiantyn Bilyk, Team Lead, Senior iOS Software Engineer at Svitla Systems
Professional iOS Developer with 11+ years of development experience and passion to create mobile applications which help people and apply science into real life. Proffesicient in development of new product features, refactoring of legacy code, planning of long-term features implementation, management of urgent client's requests and investigation of new technologies. Kostya is also a frequent speaker on various conferences and meetups, and author of tech-articles, mostly mobile oriented. 

Andriy Okhrimets, CTO at Svitla Systems
As Chief Technology Officer Andriy oversees all delivery projects of our clientele and understands software development needs at their deepest. He has vast experience with startups for over 6 years. Overall, throughout his 15+ years of experience in the software development industry, he has worked with large companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Pinnacle, and LucasArts.

Event details

Date: May 19th, 2022
Time: 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST
Duration: 1 hour



by Svitla Team
April 14, 2022

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