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New Features of Magento Product Types

Are you searching for a powerful ecommerce platform for your online business? If you are then you must consider magento product types because they are known to provide solutions that will tailor-fit your needs. With the release of the latest editions, online business owners are now ensured more profitability as they continue to use this customized solutions and modules.

Take a look at some of the new features found in the latest magento product types:

  1. Order management – you will notice that some of the major changes in these magento product types include the proper management of orders. The call center module helps administrators in having the right amount of control over their store. It is easier to move the products from their wish list onto their shopping cart. You will also see changes in the order status which helps administrators to customize the status of each order.

  2. Payment schemes – a new payment gateway has been added to the latest magento product types. By adding PayPal as well as, the administrator can easily customize the payment methods. Now, customers can pay through any of their major credit cards, online gift cards and debit cards.

  3. Enhancements – the latest of magento product types provide you with additional features that will comply with the policy of regarding payments. The first added feature is the balance response wherein both administrator and customer has the ability to access the balance information on the card while confirming the order. The second is partial authorization which allows the customer to pay his or her order through a maximum of 5 debit cards. They can also use prepaid cards and gift cards for their transactions. And lastly, authorization reversal is an added feature used in cases where the customer cancels an order. The administrator is free to release the payment even without waiting for customer information.

  4. Gift options – new versions of the magento product types allows both customers and the administrator to send gifts with a personal message and gift wrapping options for individual and complete orders.

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Are you ready for making a great e-commerce website for your business?

by Svitla Team
January 10, 2012

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