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A Guide to Programming Outsourcing: How to Chose the Right Strategy

Winning Strategy: Programming Outsourcing

Programming outsourcing refers to the practice of delegating or handing over control of programming-related tasks to an external service provider that specializes in this field and has the resources to handle the technical and operational aspects of a programming project.

Some of the most common reasons to outsource programming are the lack of resources, a strategy for cost reduction, the need for consulting expertise, operational efficiency, and more. Information technology, in specific programming, has seen an explosion in service providers who have identified the most frequent outsourcing drivers and offer expert resources and models to help companies achieve specific work with minimum effort while reducing risks.

Programming outsourcing is a winning strategy for a lot of companies that seek an efficient, cost-effective approach to programming activities. Programming outsourcing is a valuable practice that, when executed correctly and with the help of the right partner, can result in positive outcomes for your business.

Nowadays, technology is at a point where the world as we know it is nearly all connected. From devices, people, or regions, virtually anything that is connected to the Internet can be accessed. Within this highly interconnected environment, it has become common for talent to be found in any place across the globe. 

For example, in recent years, Ukraine has become a top IT source for highly skilled programmers and software engineers. Given their timezone and cultural proximity, Ukraine is capable of catering IT services to Eastern and Western Europe, as well as North America. Programming outsourcing to Ukraine has experienced a rise in demand due to the low-cost, yet highly skilled talent that is available in the region.

In this article, we are going to continue to explore the benefits and challenges of programming outsourcing, along with the right strategy and steps to do so effectively.

What you can gain from programming outsourcing

  • Cost-savings: Oftentimes, it is less expensive to outsource programming to an external service provider. With Svitla Systems, you access a pool of talent with different engagement models available depending on the client’s budget. Another important cost-savings aspect to programming outsourcing refers to the savings made on infrastructure and technology as the need for investment in these areas drops significantly as Svitla undertakes the responsibility of business processes along with the infrastructure needs.
  • Flexibility: With programming outsourcing, clients hire the number of elements and resources the project actually requires. Additionally, clients have the flexibility to add requirements and developing requests to the team of programmers who are responsive and ready to address arising changes on the go.
  • Experience and expertise: When you hire an experienced partner like Svitla Systems to outsource programming, you skip over the recruiting and training phases, and reach highly skilled resources immediately. We take on the job of screening and recruiting potential employees, to give our clients instant access to a pool of experienced programmers who are experts in their area.

Additionally, programming outsourcing can be an excellent solution in these scenarios:

  • Outsource non-core functions of programming to free up time and resources so your in-house team of professionals can focus on other functions of software development.
  • Outsource to lower-cost regions where wage differences can represent cost advantages to your budget. Frequently, home-based talent is more expensive than outsourcing services to a cost-friendly country that has a wealth of skilled programmers.
  • Outsource to access a global pool of talent that may lead to a higher quality of work for a lower fee.

Before we dive into the particulars of how to hire a programmer for your project in an upcoming section, we must emphasize how effortless and effective it is to partner with Svitla Systems as your trusted outsourcing provider. We take the stress out of hiring programmers on your own by implementing thorough screening processes to hire the best programmers for you. 

At Svitla Systems, we take the burden from your hands and find, train, and nurture the best programmers to work according to your business strategy. This solution is cost-effective, hassle-free, and delivers quality results quickly.

One of the first things that companies are concerned about when thinking of programming outsourcing is the loss of control over processes and certain aspects of the project.

At Svitla Systems, we have in place a comprehensive set of strategies to ensure methods, communication tactics, and techniques produce a high-quality service for the client while providing the needed security to keep the project in the most capable hands.

Another common concern from clients about programming outsourcing is in reference to the language and cultural differences. At Svitla Systems, we exercise effective methods to hire programmers who are responsive enough to align with the client’s corporate culture, making it a cornerstone of our service offering to successfully handle variables such as differences in region, language, time zone, or culture, to provide a seamless experience for the client.

Best Practices On How to Outsource Programming Effectively

Here, we include some best practices to outsource programming effectively:

  • Define requirements. Even if you are not aware of all the technical intricacies of the software project you want to outsource, try to create a list of the project requirements. At Svitla Systems, we have experts at the ready to help you define these requirements to make sure all your programming key points are taken care of and included in the original scope of work.
  • Don’t hesitate to be in constant communication with your programmers. With a good partner, you gain a team of programmers who maintain a constant stream of communication practices to ensure your project is being handled as need it to be. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to discuss your terms of experience, costs, availability, and outputs.
  • Define your budget. This way, you can design a strategy to hire programmers within your budget without compromising quality. At Svitla Systems, we make it our priority to offer you high-quality outsourcing services to match your needs.
  • Set a timeline. With our clients, we always define a detailed timeline to ensure capacity and the number of resources that will be assigned to your project.

How to Hire a Programmer for Your Project

The steps on how to hire a programmer on your own can be complex and tiresome. As stated before, we highly recommend trusting an expert partner with years of experience and the know-how to hire the best programmers for your project. 

With Svitla Systems, you gain a partner who truly cares about relieving you from having to find programmers on your own. Because of this, we offer a complete portfolio of talented programmers who are ready to start working on a project and who are the right fit for specific business and technical requirements.

Given the importance that programming holds in any software development project, we recommend Svitla Systems as your trusted partner and ally in this task. Why? Because we offer top quality results achieved by the best programmers who are experienced in a wide range of programming skills that are bound to be right for your project. We accommodate all project types and sizes to be flexible for your business needs, with a responsive approach to changes.

At Svitla Systems, we harness the best programmers and IT talent for your software projects, and we deliver results through our different engagement models that welcome project diversity. In this upcoming section, we detail the different engagement models that Svitla Systems offers its clients.

Key Engagement Models in Outsourced Programming

At Svitla Systems, we have over 15 years of experience in providing comprehensive engagement models that solve different business needs in terms of software outsourcing. The core of these engagement models lies in the comprehensive description of work that serves clients’ needs to transform them into a successful reality.

These are the main engagement models.

Managed Team Extension

This engagement model is designed entirely to have programmers and other IT-related professionals become an extension of your team. As we’ve been emphasizing, geographic location is losing its meaning, but that doesn’t mean you should compromise the vital aspect of having a team of software professionals who are dedicated to your project become an integral part of your team to assist you during the entire length of a project.

Each member of the Managed Team Extension model is carefully selected to provide you with a seamless experience in terms of culture, background, , and technical skills for the project.

This engagement model is the best fit to develop new modules or applications, long-term cooperation projects, ongoing bug fixes, and to provide quality-assurance expertise. It is a model that adapts to unique requirements, as the client receives a team of skilled professionals who are responsive and committed to the project.

Case in Point: A Biotech Company Improved QA Processes and Reduced Costs with a Managed QA Team

Build-to-Order Software Applications

With this model, the purpose is to provide clients with a robust strategy and implementation model to create apps from the ground up. 

The complete software development life cycle is covered by a team of experts, AgileSquad, who take the project requirements provided by the client and run with them to transform them into reality.

If you want to develop products from scratch with top-level quality, on time, and with an innovative approach, this model is the best fit for your project.

Software Consulting

The software consulting engagement model is devised to assist companies who look for expertise that requires detailed or specific knowledge about specialized software solutions.

The software consulting model is best suited for scenarios where companies:

  • Need help during a one-time project.
  • Require external advice and recommendations about specific software subjects.
  • Need a trusted partner to recommend solutions on specific technological needs.
  • Want specialized expertise about a process or tool.

As it is proven, Svitla Systems is fully committed and dedicated to providing best-in-class engagement models to outsource programming and other IT-related tasks for all types of client needs. Our goal is to provide the highest value to our clients through a portfolio of outsourcing offerings. With this article, we shed light on how valuable programming outsourcing is for your business and how Svitla Systems can help you.

Why Svitla?

As it is demonstrated by 20+ years we have under our belt, Svitla Systems has successfully shared its suite of outsourcing services to many happy clients. Svitla Systems is fully committed and dedicated to providing best-in-class engagement models to outsource programming and other IT-related tasks for all types of client needs. The main goal is to provide the highest value to you as our client through a portfolio of outsourcing offerings that are robust and custom-made to suit your needs.

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